Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hello from the other side

Oh wow! Haven't been updating since September 2015.

Hello from 2016!

Well, last semester has been really hectic. It was my second last semester here, and i had so many projects to work on. Schedule was really good ( I had two day-offs, and i had never had any day off since my first year) but then i have a lot of group projects that took more time, and more effort obviously. Not to mention that i was applying for graduate jobs.

But it's fine now as it has passed and actually it has been a very rewarding semester lol. My GPA for last semester was quite high (at least for me) and I was really satisfied with it. So i was back to my hometown for 1.5 months, which i guess is the longest time ever as i would usually spend 2-3 weeks back home.

Anyway, it wasn't as boring as i thought it would be. I had a great catch-ups with a bunch of old friends, and best friends and I signed up to the fitness club in town (and it's free!). I think the best part is i had the opportunity to spend more time with my beloved ones, especially my family. It was actually quite heartbreaking to notice some health/mental/body changes in my grandparents. I mean, they are really fine physically but they are getting older.

When i was little, my parents were working from early morning till late night that i rarely saw them. It was my grandparents who took care me and my elder sister (not mentioning my younger sister since at that time, my mom didn't work that late anymore). Hence, I am really close to them, especially my grandma who always cooks for me as i had developed my eating habit since I was young HAHA.

It was quite sad, but i guess it's life. I just regret that during my 17 years with them, i wish i could behave better and more respect to them. I was not saying this as if I was the baddest kid in the block, but there were sometimes that during my puberty i got too emotional that sometimes i talked back to them.

Of course, there were times that I was wrong or when I was right. But nevertheless, now when i think about that, it was really rude for me to behave like that just because I was mad over something stupid.

I truly regret it but lesson learnt. Now whenever i came back, I tried my best to be the world-best grand daughter for them HAHA.