Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Moving on.

Some tips to move on from your crush/whoever :
  1. Get distracted
    This doesn't mean that you have to fall to another random guy. You could just be focus on other things else. Focus on your studies, planning your goals, or simply just organise your stuff or your wardrobes. There's a lot of thing to do in this life!
  2. Get a 'new' you.
    Look at yourself in the mirror. See if there's anything that you could do to improve yourself, either physically or mentally. Check if your outfit is too old to fit the style or your old boring hairstyle is still there. It's time to get a change. Be prettier and be more confident! It's not that you are not appreciating yourself, but you need to put effort to be pretty right? Even diamonds have to be burnished first! 
  3. Enjoy life
    There's so much happy things that life could offer, and sometimes we just don't see it. Trying new things, enjoying good food, hanging out with friends, gathering with families and the list goes on! Life is not only about that person, start focusing more on yourself and love yourself. When you believe good things to happen, they would actually happen for you. Build your positive aura to surround you and just wait, something good would just come for you. ^^
Bytheway, Note to self.