Thursday, June 25, 2015


Chilling means...... you just have to come to work doing nothing and still get paid! and uh oh uhm, just in my dreams.

Well, the fact that I could still write a post while working means that I am not busy but I still have something to do in work okay. It's just sometimes I feel tired of reading too much articles that it somehow urges me to update more frequent on my blog.

It's Thursday and it's one day closer to weekend!!! Now that I am working, although I am still an intern, I value and realise the true meaning of weekends! haha. Weekends mean I could getting up late like really late ( I can't get up this late (read: 2pm/3pm) when I am back home haha) and I could spend a day doing nothing but browsing at my laptop and movie marathon or in my case: k-dramas marathon!

I guess my elder sis could not stand me slacking around and well, I also decided to do something more useful. I actually hate working out but due to all those unutilized fats, I need to do something to myself before reaching my expiration date and still alone haha. I tried working out with the help from my e-personal trainer from youtube and it's so tiring! I tried Joanna Soh as her work out exercises are easy to follow. But it doesn't last long anyway, the next morning I can't really move my thigh, legs, arms as I have been absent for a long period. (all I did when I was back in school was cardio)

So she suggested me to do skipping and I agreed on it as I saw there's a Disney skipping rope in Robinsons. hehehe

It looks exactly like that and that has been my routine now every night starting yesterday. skipping all the way!

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