Tuesday, May 26, 2015

oh haiiii

the urge to blog is quite strong these few days. Probably because I am rereading my old posts these days. and realizing how old I am now. T.T

3 weeks more and it would be the end of my so called teenage years. I would be coming to the twenties club soon and oh lord, I am old now. alright, that's too much, but I am one step closer to be an old hag. okay, that's way too much.

anyway, it just felt so weird that last time when I went back to hometown, a lot of random people are addressing me with "miss" instead of "kid". and the feelings just get so much real when I am in Indo. There is so much difference being called "dek" rather than "mbak / kak". I kind of got so shocked being addressed like that (alright I know I am waaaaay too much) that I even told my mom that those waiters were being impolite. and of course; to my so not-surprise, my mom wittily replied me, "Then what should they call you? a princess?". That moment, I know I'm slowly aging (hehehe hormones people its hormones)

I want to be forever 15. or 17. but wait, I need to be 21 to be legal right? I guess that's why they came up with the brand forever21 but not forever18/forever20

uhm, this post is totally random. hehe. 45 minutes to the end of office hours. I think I am too happy to write a decent post. haha.

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