Saturday, February 7, 2015

looking back

i miss the days where i could casually text you and we could talk hours about our life.
i miss the days where i could easily find you and ask for your assurance whenever i'm down.
and at some point we just dont

haha, no this person aint my boyfriend. he was someone whom i felt comfortable to talk with and somebody who i knew wouldn't judge and keep supporting me. 

since we have been knowing each other for so long so my brain tells me that its fine to miss you since you has become part of my routine. the once a week long chat that we always did just to update each other. and we just become apart unknowingly, cause people said that man and woman could never be friends. i guess its true then, cause its either we fall in love or one of us just walk away. Maybe we are in the latter part. Cause there is no love between us although sometimes i wonder what would happen to us if there is, no matter how weak it is. but then i know i shouldn't look back cause we wont be like that.. ever again. 

right till now, i could confidently said im okay, cause i know that im not in love with you. i might have fallen for you, but it was not that hard. so i think its bearable when we were growing apart. 
i believe that as i could get used with your chats, your care, and you i also could get used without them. and i know i just need time. and this should be easy since i just lost a good friend. 

this has been going for months, and i am healing. slowly and steadily.