Saturday, January 24, 2015

lost star

Hello peeps! and I'm updating from sunny Singapore!

Yup, my exchange terms has officially started like 2 weeks ago. So here i am at NUS. So far, it has been wonderful although i am not really get used to the hot weather here...... i know this is too much as i was born and raised up in Indonesia hahahah but still, its really dry here. 

I am still getting lost in the huge campus while trying to figure out where my classes are but i am fully enjoying myself here. I went back to my hometown on 23rd last month for a roughly 2 weeks break and yeah i miss home so much. It was a short getaway but since i am going back home again during chinese new year, i feel much more relieved and alive again! I like living here, i feel like i could blend in much better than in hong kong and most importantly, i got my sister here. i feel belonged here..... and thoughts of going back to hong kong after 5 more months just.... scare me. 

anyway, i know everytime i go back home, i wont ever be ready to go back to either hkg or any other countries.

it has been one month since i knew it and i didnt think that it would be this hard to get over you.