Saturday, November 29, 2014


puk puk to myself. Fyi, puk puk an Indonesian word. It is the sound when you tap somebody shoulder, an action which shows your sympathy to the person that you concern. We often say puk puk to comfort people and it could be well used to represent any situation.

so lemme pukpuk myself coz finals are coming and this time i have six freaking finals.

"you were fine once without him, so now you are and will still be fine."

Monday, November 17, 2014

letting go

cause they say you deserve better. and those who stay are worth to keep.

and it's even harder to face the reality.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

day 40

ended up being so unproductive today since i was too tired from taking two shifts at library.

I know that people often say it's easy job, and the best thing is that we could study and work at the same time. But honestly, it's not that easy. You have to be on time and be responsible with your job, which mean that you have to know how to operate different type of facilities and rooms available in the library. Sometimes you even have to deal with some weird requests and not to mention some users just treat you "harshly". They even wouldnt be bothered to say "thank you" or "please" after receiving your help, Okay, i know that is my job so i should not expect anything but there are still some people, instead of asking you for guidance on how to use some services/facilities, they simply ask you to do what they want and they would blame you if you unintentionally do it wrong.

I am not saying all users are like that but there are some who just come, ask you to photocopy/print/scan every single sheet of their documents and they would just stand beside you like a boss. after one year, i have learned the hard way that if i am not strict to them, they would just do whatever they like. So instead of helping them,  i would just show them once how to do it and leave the rest to them. and yet, i got critised by some other helpers saying that i am not friendly enough and that is supposed to be my main duty. omg -_- that's what i have been told to do after i consulted with my boss and still get judged for that ckckck.

But i am glad that i dont meet annoying users that often. :3.

anyway am having chronic insomnia lately and feeling so aasdkfaodfnanidfnjaoj. just when i thought that i am slowly recovering with my breakouts from last summer, there were two more pimples on my cheeks this morning. AAAARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH #worldfirstproblem.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

oh lifeeee

spending my saturday night at my room just because i am an introvert. #haha
but no, i am in my recovery mode, after those sleepless nights. . .
just staying at my room taking a short nap, browsing about things i love, watching dramas or movies, i guess those are enough to please me now. I don't know if it was me being over sensitive, but recently i am quite distressed.

Somehow i feel that it's nice to have my own free time that i could spend the way i would like it to be all by myself. It's not like i like being alone but i just need a break. . . . and some good people that would just patiently listen to all my craps and not judge.

and thank you there for always checking on me and cheering me in your own way. #hoho

Sunday, November 2, 2014

time of month.

midterm week. the real life of school has just begun.

Last week i was doing my hydrosystem engineering paper. It was so hard that i doubled my effort cause i eagerly want to improve my gpa for this sem. and when doing one of them, i forgot one last equation and chose the wrong options which eventually cost me about 15 marks. -_-

somehow i didn't know if im too stupid or people around me are too smart. as much as i would like to believe the latter one, i strongly believe on my first verdict.

A, thank you and yes, im missing J. how i wish this feeling could fade quickly.