Tuesday, October 28, 2014



Friday, October 17, 2014

why you

i know there is nothing happened between us (although i wish wish there was something) i miss you so badly. Every time i see you passed by, i don't know what to do, ending up acting cool, and hoping you would notice me and say hi. Oh well, this has not happened.... that often.

and i'm gonna let go before this feelings start to be uncontrollable. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

that sparks

holla people! i had just finished my structural analysis quiz yesterday and now i don't feel like studying for my upcoming midterm exams. i have been sitting here trying to read the notes but i end up browsing about new korean dramas, watching makeup tutorials, reading make up reviews and the list goes on..... Actually the quiz was only worth about 10 percent but since i was so lost from the beginning so i put way more effort that i should have for the quiz. i studied so hard the day before and even though i have slept for 10 hours i still feel so so so sleepy and tired.

i felt that this semester im more stable than and more enjoying the life here. i dont know if it's because im going for exchange for the next semester but i just feel like it's gonna be a good semester. and the only thing i miss is just J is not here.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

from where i stand

Spent my saturday working at the library (again) and went out for annabelle. Honestly, although i'm the scaredy-cat person, i found annabelle is not that scary as what i thought it would be. This is my first horror movie ever since i study here since i don't usually watch any kind of horror movies. But, I actually like the horror-dolls  or plot, when there's an evil soul possessing the doll and tormenting the owners or asking for souls. I guess that's the reason why i watched all the chucky doll series. hehe.

anyhow, i quite like the movie since it's not scary at all and i could sleep peacefully tonight. and my roommate came home earlier today so i feel quite secured now. :) and she gave me an orange when i told her i was so hungry. :') look how nice she is :D sometimes she gave me random fruits at night and i was so happy because i usually get so so hungry around night time. HAHA

If you know me in person, you would found out that i am one of those ignorant people who would stare in you blankly if you asked me about the conflicts of Israel-Gaza. When all my fellow Indonesian friends were following the news of the election of our next president, i barely knew who the candidates were. I even just learned that in Indonesia, there's some in-transparency with our democracy system. But, ever since the occupy central movement in hong kong started, i have always updated myself with the latest situation through any social media. And yesterday when they reported that some protesters got into fight with the anti-occupy protesters and some of them get hurt, I was so sad hearing this issue. This is truly strange for me. I am not from Hong Kong. I have only been here for two years and I don't really know about their language or culture. But i am triggered by their hearts, their motives, their persistence in fighting for their own freedom of democracy. There are like hundreds, thousands or maybe more- protesters battling for justice and their love for Hong Kong. They camped on the roads for about one week and they even skipped their work, or school just to show their support. Inevitably,this attracted so many people outside hong kong and what's more is people around the world show their support to this movement! The famous hacker group, named anonymous has issued a promise that they would gradually take down some hong kong websites if the police keep harassing the protesters ( they had sprayed tear-gas before). I am incredibly amazed by this, and even more amazed by the fact that they are "civilised protesters", they apologised for any inconvenience, distributed foods and even cleaned up. This is definitely something rare in my country.

Nevertheless, i hope that it's going to end in a peaceful way, and for those protesters, stay safe and strong! :)