Thursday, September 25, 2014


went home at 5 pm today just because it's thursday and my last class ends at 4!  I was sick last week so i haven't really started to revise and done the assignments but deadlines are coming.

ahhhhhh uni life ,_,

anyway, i saw that "three days blessings" people do in facebook and i found it interesting. So i am going to do mine starting this post. but well, instead of three days blessings, i would just post occasionally so that i would be reminded to always be grateful in life. and it's always better to count blessings rather than those misfortunes or even sad encounters.

For today, here are few things that make me happy today:

  • I went to the library student team meeting and the topic is about 3d printing. i have always wanted to learn the printer so now i got the chance to know more about that. oh yes, and good handmade dessert from gabi during the meeting break. 
  • I joined the first year residential life program as a mentor and today 4 of my mentees showed up during dinner :) (usually, it was like 1 or 2)
  • Facetimed with dad, mom and grandma. happy to see them.
  • Chatted with my junior and as I was looking for a storage rent during my exchange, he said that he would help me finding one since he has relatives here. :D
  • rewarded myself an ice cream today despite having sore throat and cough. 
I guess that's all. I think it's actually a good way to reminisce your day and let myself reflect. It also kinda gives me the feeling that i am showered with so much blessings even for some small things that i sometimes don't realise.  this actually encourages me to keep going and brings a lot of positivity :D

so start counting your blessings people! :D

Saturday, September 20, 2014

night owl

We have known each other for years. I still remembered when you first asked for my number, I felt like i was going to faint. hehe. We briefly knew each other, but it was those social media apps that connected us. I was young and naive back then. But you never fail to surprise me. On my birthday, the most important day every year of my life, you surprised me again with your own way. I was impressed but I was not ready to take this to another level as I was not certain. Then, we were separated by distance and our ambitions - well we are still now. We became strangers. We would only chat twice every year cause those two days were our birthdays. Then one night, i was so bored and you changed your picture. I found it funny and decided to comment on it. Afterall, i thought that we wouldnt meet again. But then, that simple message brought us close again. We were more mature but everything felt so different. We have lost contacts with each other for so long that we slowly returned to our original state: two strangers. 

However, it didnt take too long for us to break the ice. Again, your never fail to surprise me and maybe sometimes i would fall for that. We are pretty close now, but we both know that now there's nothing between us. We are just best friends, and i know that we constantly check on each other cause as we grow older, we know that good friends are just hard to find. 

It's funny every time i recall and wonder how we could end up in this state. Yes, i admit that i still have butterflies in my stomach every time i meet you. I dont know what is going happen to us in the future but i pretty like the way we are now. 

So thanks for making my teenage years so eventful. Ultimately, it's memories that stay and people just move on.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

past is prologue.

i dont want to grow up at all.  adults are just mean. and worst, they hurt you intentionally.

Monday, September 1, 2014

back to the track

so today was the first day of my 5th semester. I only had two classes since it is still the add/drop period week which means that most labs, tutorials have yet to begin.

Honestly, i wasn't that excited for school. My schedule is so so so messy. I have classes at 12 every day and i only have like 30 mins break for lunch. Well, 30 mins is more than enough but the thing is i have not found lunch mates.... yet. Most of my friends would have theirs either at 12 or 1.30 in which i would have classes around that time:/. i know this sounds silly but well i just don't like being alone. ARGH. it's my third year and i'm still such a baby #bigsigh.

guess i need to be more proactive and start asking random people. hehe. #whenproactivegoeswrong #ignorethispost