Thursday, August 28, 2014

what now

Somehow i regret for not leaving earlier when i was given the chance. ARGH now i have to deal with the stocks #ifyouknowwhatimean #amnotawarehouseorganizer

Friday, August 22, 2014

one more week.

One more week to go and i would complete my internship program! I actually kinda have mixed feelings about this. On one side, i really want to finish my internship as soon as possible so that i could have a break for myself. But on the other side,i would miss people here and i actually prefer working than attending lectures.

My 5th semester is about to start and i actually feel overwhelmed with my new courses. I always have the insecure feeling that i might not do well on the higher advanced courses and i would probably have a bad grade on those courses... For now, i have four required civil courses and three of them have lab sessions for every week. Each lab session would last about 3 hours...... Now I feel scared and anxious for no reason.

Monday, August 18, 2014

just another day

Been feeling so tired and unenergetic since this morning. yesterday i spent the whole day moving all my stuff from hall 6 to hall 8! yup, am officially a resident of hall 8 and i got the seaview room! and private bathroom! well not really private since i need to share it with the other three girls but it's way better than hall 6's public bathroom.  I like the room way better than hall 6 since hall 8 is actually pretty new and there's a gym downstair! but i guess i would need to think twice if i decided to move to another hall next time. The packing and moving processes are such a pain...

No more cab every morning to the workplace since my cab buddies have officially completed their internship program last week. This means that i need to wake up like at 6.50 every morning and take the train for the remaining two weeks. I dont know why but i just dont feel like working anymore. I still can't believe the fact that right after i finish my internship, the school would start in two days. Actually i dont have that much work load in my workplace, but i just want a break. At first i thought that since all of my friends are leaving im gonna be lonely and that's actually the main reason why i agreed to extend it till 29th. but now that half of my intern buddies have left, i just dont feel like coming to work anymore. #callmelazyworm #iknowimlazy #iwantabreak #fightingjennessiachance #stillgothomeworkforindustrialtraining #ohlife #nottomentionthatstockmanagement #ohemji

Thursday, August 14, 2014

still the same

Just realized that i have been blogging for almost 4 years #somuchwin #yeay. I just revisited my blogger profile and noticed that i put a lot of disney movies in my favourite movies part. #HAHA. I'm still a disney fan at heart. My mom used to tell me bedtime stories when i was young, and I have always believed in those fairy tales and happy endings. I grow up watching all those disney movies and hoping one day i could be one of those princesses. hehe.  I have always thought that fairy godmother exists and one day she would visit me in the middle of night and grant my three wishes. I still remember every night i prayed that the fairy godmother would come visit me sooner with her sparkling magic wand.

Now that i am 19, I finally understand that life ain't fairy tale. If i lost my shoes in the middle of the night, i would have to walk home barefoot. But then, i still believe in happy endings, dont you? :)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

another one.

It's August now which means my summer holiday is slowly coming to the end. 

I would most likely continue with my internship program till late August and school starts on the 1st of September. #ohlife.  Life has been quite good... well except a lot of friends have left for their exchange :(. Speaking of exchange, I got NUS ! Yap, it's at Singapore so i am going to Singapore next January for roughly 5 months. I am quite excited about it yet i feel quite sad knowing that all my friends are going to US or Europe. I have always wanted to go to Australia to pursue my study and I was quite disappointed that Daddy didn't allow me to go there even for exchange. :(. I mean, two years ago, when i already got the offer and set my mind to go there, he cancelled it and kinda promised me i could go there for exchange study. 

But, on the bright side, Singapore is much closer to home and i have my elder sister there. Guess i should stop complaining and be grateful.