Saturday, May 24, 2014

From where i stand.

Hi! This is me updating from the library after spending hours searching for what to prepare for my korean visa. so one of the required documents is the financial statement in which online financial statement would be enough. when i went through my personal banking i can hardly find the so-called "online financial statement" and i just found it like an hour ago.. i literally feel so stupid. When it comes to banking system, the only things i know are how to withdraw, deposit, check the balance of my account and how to pay my credit card bills.

so as my internship offer is (kind of) confirmed, i think i would have to cancel my trip back to Singapore in early August. Before, the reason why i want to go back to Singapore during that time is because i want to meet my parents before my fifth semester starts. but now when my internship ends in middle of august, i think i would not be able to go home again for this summer. well, not going home is not a big deal for me since this is not my first time. but last year my mom and my younger sister came to visit me. while this summer, they are too busy with their own trip that they can't visit me again. So this means that i would not see all of them till next winter break. T.T at first i thought that i could probably go back right after i finished my internship, but then during the internship period, i would not be available for two weeks due to my trip and industrial training, so i have to compensate them additional two weeks after the official period ends. and right after i finished the internship, my summer holiday ends and fall semester begins.

I think i would go back as soon as winter break begins. 

In the meanwhile, i still have sit for another two exams and hopefully i could do both exam well. ah, and the weather here is getting warmer :) although the humidity level is crazy. it is so humid that i just want to stay in my room and not moving anywhere. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


just secure an internship at hong kong ! can't express how happy i am right now. i got the offer yesterday night and i am so excited about that! although this means that i have to re-arrange  my plan for my summer holiday, but i am so so so happpy !!!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

exam week

it's exam week #ohemji

had my first final yesterday and it was just so so..... anyway i still have another one tomorrow so.......

anyway, last friday went to the last round of interview for an internship and i sincerely hope that they would select me T.T it has been a long long process since april and if i failed in the last one, i would be truly disappointed with myself. ;'( but i should not expect much right?

planning to go somewhere during summer but air tickets nowadays are so expensive....... and not to mention that since i have been waiting for some companies' replies, i have rejected some part time jobs at school during summer...... life's hard.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

that should be

Cause sometimes i think way too much. been so sensitive lately. ;/

so this week is the last week of my fourth semester! OMG 
one good thing when finals are coming is summer holiday! am so lucky that my uni has a three month full holiday for summer! but still, i have to stay here during summer for my industrial training ;/ 

anw,planning to go to Singapore in the beginning of august for some gateway with le familia! x) 

Saturday, May 3, 2014


next week is the last week of my third semester and there goes my final exam week.

still can't believe how fast time flies and i haven't had a concrete plan for my summer. been applying for interns but haven't gotten any firm offer yet. sigh :/ and it's already may so i am pretty sure that i couldn't get an internship opportunity ;(. actually my advisor said it would be much easier to get an intern in my 3rd year since most company would like to hire students in their penultimate year. but still, i thought i could manage to get one for this summer T.T

so my plan for now is just doing my industrial training and hopefully this would be the last industrial training i have to do during holiday.

i am moving to the new hall for the next semester btw. moving to hall 8 oh yeah. and i have just finished wrapping Y-talk 2014! i was the MC for Ytalk this year and this was a big challenge for me. I have never done any emceeing event back when i was in high school. I was kind of uhm.. introvert? haha. too busy with my school work i guess. When i came here, I did few since i am the ambassador for the school, but not in front of 300 audiences so this was a big thing for me. although i know that i am still lacking, but i am really grateful to have the chance not only in organising the event but also becoming one of the MCs! :D

and oh, i don't know if this is confirmed or not, but i would probably go to Korea this summer :D