Tuesday, April 22, 2014

wondering around

Hi. i just finished a workshop and arrived at my room at 11 pm. It has been a long day since 10 am and i still have to do some stuff about y-talk. have i talked about y-talk before?
So basically y-talk is a platform in which students would share their life-experiences in which aims to inspire others and make a impact to community. sounds pretty cool eh? It was found by a student in my school last year (now an alumni) and this year i am one of the OC( Organising  Committee ) and also the MC for this year event. Since y-talk usually has its annual event in which we would invite some students to share their stories in 8-10 minutes and last year it was a hit. So i am hoping this year would go well as i am one of the OCs and the MC.

But i'm just so overwhelmed by the things that i have to do with all the piling assignment.
here goes my random chant...
Why some people just can't work and corporate well in teams and please, when you lead, you have to be at least a qualified leader in which your members would look at you as role model. ;/ i think i just don't fit into the culture. ;/.

Monday, April 21, 2014


today is the last day of the easter break and i am panicked.

been playing and hanging out these days and i haven't done all my to do list, which are doing the homework and reviewing the notes. so now i have been watching the lecture videos since 9 pm so that i could follow what the prof would discuss tomorrow.....

i know i am such a great procrastinator.... so here some pictures to summarise my easter break.