Sunday, March 30, 2014

there you go

I had fluid mechanics midterm exam last tuesday and it was the worst exam that i have ever had here.

Sometimes, i just feel that i don't belonged here. Frankly speaking, back then, i never thought that i would eventually chose here to pursue my further study.  I don't regret, don't get me wrong, i mean this university is really nice,after all, it's one of the top universities. But because of that, i am so burdened. Every student here seems so smart in everything, they get good grades easily, and it seems that i am the only one that fall behind. 

Anyway, the exchange application is open and i am thinking where i should go. Well, to be honest, i guess i don't have much choices. Last winter when i went back home, i talked to my dad about my plan to go to US for exchange. But sadly, my daddy said no. :/ I know that he cares us a lot, but i never thought that he won't allow me to go. ;/ so i guess i am going to put Singapore as my first choice. It's not a bad choice actually, i have my sister who is currently staying there and i could go home whenever i want. . . . but i am quite disappointed, actually.

Monday, March 10, 2014

deep down there.

Hello folks! This is me updating in the middle of the annual general meeting with the choir. The reason why i am so free and could type a blogpost is that they are speaking in their own language (read: cantonese) and i am alienated.

I should not have joined or even be the executive committee of this club.

Anyway, my industrial training schedule for this summer has been released.......

I have the training till 31st of July! Crap.