Thursday, February 27, 2014


just finished meeting with the y-talk team like one hour ago and now i have to study for tomorrow's quiz. this week i spent every night working and meeting with the teams since everything's coming closer. it's only the fourth week for god's sake.

while somehow i hate myself being so busy with the classes and the clubs, i also hate when i have no meetings to attend and no activities to get involved. i guess people are naturally greedy yah. :/

Saturday, February 15, 2014

rewind: 11th January 2013

So my industrial training ended yesterday! *throwconfetti*

it was actually a very fruitful experience since i learnt,gained a lot of hands-on experiences and broadened my knowledge. We get to taste on how we would be doing if we have entered the real-life work environment..... So yeah, it was a very nice training and i am still doing on my last report. I dont want to bring my homework back with me. and oh yes, i am coming back tomorrow, well not to indonesia but to singapore first. Remember that i always tell people that singapore appears so homey to me?

I can't wait to fulfill all my medanese food cravings, celebrate chinese new year with my family and gather with all my family members after a year!

so excited!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


last month the 12th i was so happy that finally i was going back home.
last month the 12th i woke up early, did the errands and finalized my packing process.
last month the 12th i was so happy that i skipped my lunch and waited for the taxi.
last month the 12th i was flying back to my second home, singapore.

last week the 4th i was crying in the airport at my hometown, medan.
last week the 4th i hugged my family members, crying, and sobbed saying that i don't want to leave.
last week the 4th i was being a crybaby and took the flight to singapore with my sister.
last week the 4th i enjoyed my last day of holiday in singapore with my elder sister.

last week the 5th i woke up early, went to the airport and cried again.
last week the 5th i went on flight to hong kong by myself and sobbed again.

i wanna be at home.