Monday, December 1, 2014


yeah, i am that naive and silly. i have never doubt anything and thought that you were sincere. that's why im so disappointed right now.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


puk puk to myself. Fyi, puk puk an Indonesian word. It is the sound when you tap somebody shoulder, an action which shows your sympathy to the person that you concern. We often say puk puk to comfort people and it could be well used to represent any situation.

so lemme pukpuk myself coz finals are coming and this time i have six freaking finals.

"you were fine once without him, so now you are and will still be fine."

Monday, November 17, 2014

letting go

cause they say you deserve better. and those who stay are worth to keep.

and it's even harder to face the reality.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

day 40

ended up being so unproductive today since i was too tired from taking two shifts at library.

I know that people often say it's easy job, and the best thing is that we could study and work at the same time. But honestly, it's not that easy. You have to be on time and be responsible with your job, which mean that you have to know how to operate different type of facilities and rooms available in the library. Sometimes you even have to deal with some weird requests and not to mention some users just treat you "harshly". They even wouldnt be bothered to say "thank you" or "please" after receiving your help, Okay, i know that is my job so i should not expect anything but there are still some people, instead of asking you for guidance on how to use some services/facilities, they simply ask you to do what they want and they would blame you if you unintentionally do it wrong.

I am not saying all users are like that but there are some who just come, ask you to photocopy/print/scan every single sheet of their documents and they would just stand beside you like a boss. after one year, i have learned the hard way that if i am not strict to them, they would just do whatever they like. So instead of helping them,  i would just show them once how to do it and leave the rest to them. and yet, i got critised by some other helpers saying that i am not friendly enough and that is supposed to be my main duty. omg -_- that's what i have been told to do after i consulted with my boss and still get judged for that ckckck.

But i am glad that i dont meet annoying users that often. :3.

anyway am having chronic insomnia lately and feeling so aasdkfaodfnanidfnjaoj. just when i thought that i am slowly recovering with my breakouts from last summer, there were two more pimples on my cheeks this morning. AAAARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH #worldfirstproblem.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

oh lifeeee

spending my saturday night at my room just because i am an introvert. #haha
but no, i am in my recovery mode, after those sleepless nights. . .
just staying at my room taking a short nap, browsing about things i love, watching dramas or movies, i guess those are enough to please me now. I don't know if it was me being over sensitive, but recently i am quite distressed.

Somehow i feel that it's nice to have my own free time that i could spend the way i would like it to be all by myself. It's not like i like being alone but i just need a break. . . . and some good people that would just patiently listen to all my craps and not judge.

and thank you there for always checking on me and cheering me in your own way. #hoho

Sunday, November 2, 2014

time of month.

midterm week. the real life of school has just begun.

Last week i was doing my hydrosystem engineering paper. It was so hard that i doubled my effort cause i eagerly want to improve my gpa for this sem. and when doing one of them, i forgot one last equation and chose the wrong options which eventually cost me about 15 marks. -_-

somehow i didn't know if im too stupid or people around me are too smart. as much as i would like to believe the latter one, i strongly believe on my first verdict.

A, thank you and yes, im missing J. how i wish this feeling could fade quickly.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014



Friday, October 17, 2014

why you

i know there is nothing happened between us (although i wish wish there was something) i miss you so badly. Every time i see you passed by, i don't know what to do, ending up acting cool, and hoping you would notice me and say hi. Oh well, this has not happened.... that often.

and i'm gonna let go before this feelings start to be uncontrollable. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

that sparks

holla people! i had just finished my structural analysis quiz yesterday and now i don't feel like studying for my upcoming midterm exams. i have been sitting here trying to read the notes but i end up browsing about new korean dramas, watching makeup tutorials, reading make up reviews and the list goes on..... Actually the quiz was only worth about 10 percent but since i was so lost from the beginning so i put way more effort that i should have for the quiz. i studied so hard the day before and even though i have slept for 10 hours i still feel so so so sleepy and tired.

i felt that this semester im more stable than and more enjoying the life here. i dont know if it's because im going for exchange for the next semester but i just feel like it's gonna be a good semester. and the only thing i miss is just J is not here.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

from where i stand

Spent my saturday working at the library (again) and went out for annabelle. Honestly, although i'm the scaredy-cat person, i found annabelle is not that scary as what i thought it would be. This is my first horror movie ever since i study here since i don't usually watch any kind of horror movies. But, I actually like the horror-dolls  or plot, when there's an evil soul possessing the doll and tormenting the owners or asking for souls. I guess that's the reason why i watched all the chucky doll series. hehe.

anyhow, i quite like the movie since it's not scary at all and i could sleep peacefully tonight. and my roommate came home earlier today so i feel quite secured now. :) and she gave me an orange when i told her i was so hungry. :') look how nice she is :D sometimes she gave me random fruits at night and i was so happy because i usually get so so hungry around night time. HAHA

If you know me in person, you would found out that i am one of those ignorant people who would stare in you blankly if you asked me about the conflicts of Israel-Gaza. When all my fellow Indonesian friends were following the news of the election of our next president, i barely knew who the candidates were. I even just learned that in Indonesia, there's some in-transparency with our democracy system. But, ever since the occupy central movement in hong kong started, i have always updated myself with the latest situation through any social media. And yesterday when they reported that some protesters got into fight with the anti-occupy protesters and some of them get hurt, I was so sad hearing this issue. This is truly strange for me. I am not from Hong Kong. I have only been here for two years and I don't really know about their language or culture. But i am triggered by their hearts, their motives, their persistence in fighting for their own freedom of democracy. There are like hundreds, thousands or maybe more- protesters battling for justice and their love for Hong Kong. They camped on the roads for about one week and they even skipped their work, or school just to show their support. Inevitably,this attracted so many people outside hong kong and what's more is people around the world show their support to this movement! The famous hacker group, named anonymous has issued a promise that they would gradually take down some hong kong websites if the police keep harassing the protesters ( they had sprayed tear-gas before). I am incredibly amazed by this, and even more amazed by the fact that they are "civilised protesters", they apologised for any inconvenience, distributed foods and even cleaned up. This is definitely something rare in my country.

Nevertheless, i hope that it's going to end in a peaceful way, and for those protesters, stay safe and strong! :)

Thursday, September 25, 2014


went home at 5 pm today just because it's thursday and my last class ends at 4!  I was sick last week so i haven't really started to revise and done the assignments but deadlines are coming.

ahhhhhh uni life ,_,

anyway, i saw that "three days blessings" people do in facebook and i found it interesting. So i am going to do mine starting this post. but well, instead of three days blessings, i would just post occasionally so that i would be reminded to always be grateful in life. and it's always better to count blessings rather than those misfortunes or even sad encounters.

For today, here are few things that make me happy today:

  • I went to the library student team meeting and the topic is about 3d printing. i have always wanted to learn the printer so now i got the chance to know more about that. oh yes, and good handmade dessert from gabi during the meeting break. 
  • I joined the first year residential life program as a mentor and today 4 of my mentees showed up during dinner :) (usually, it was like 1 or 2)
  • Facetimed with dad, mom and grandma. happy to see them.
  • Chatted with my junior and as I was looking for a storage rent during my exchange, he said that he would help me finding one since he has relatives here. :D
  • rewarded myself an ice cream today despite having sore throat and cough. 
I guess that's all. I think it's actually a good way to reminisce your day and let myself reflect. It also kinda gives me the feeling that i am showered with so much blessings even for some small things that i sometimes don't realise.  this actually encourages me to keep going and brings a lot of positivity :D

so start counting your blessings people! :D

Saturday, September 20, 2014

night owl

We have known each other for years. I still remembered when you first asked for my number, I felt like i was going to faint. hehe. We briefly knew each other, but it was those social media apps that connected us. I was young and naive back then. But you never fail to surprise me. On my birthday, the most important day every year of my life, you surprised me again with your own way. I was impressed but I was not ready to take this to another level as I was not certain. Then, we were separated by distance and our ambitions - well we are still now. We became strangers. We would only chat twice every year cause those two days were our birthdays. Then one night, i was so bored and you changed your picture. I found it funny and decided to comment on it. Afterall, i thought that we wouldnt meet again. But then, that simple message brought us close again. We were more mature but everything felt so different. We have lost contacts with each other for so long that we slowly returned to our original state: two strangers. 

However, it didnt take too long for us to break the ice. Again, your never fail to surprise me and maybe sometimes i would fall for that. We are pretty close now, but we both know that now there's nothing between us. We are just best friends, and i know that we constantly check on each other cause as we grow older, we know that good friends are just hard to find. 

It's funny every time i recall and wonder how we could end up in this state. Yes, i admit that i still have butterflies in my stomach every time i meet you. I dont know what is going happen to us in the future but i pretty like the way we are now. 

So thanks for making my teenage years so eventful. Ultimately, it's memories that stay and people just move on.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

past is prologue.

i dont want to grow up at all.  adults are just mean. and worst, they hurt you intentionally.

Monday, September 1, 2014

back to the track

so today was the first day of my 5th semester. I only had two classes since it is still the add/drop period week which means that most labs, tutorials have yet to begin.

Honestly, i wasn't that excited for school. My schedule is so so so messy. I have classes at 12 every day and i only have like 30 mins break for lunch. Well, 30 mins is more than enough but the thing is i have not found lunch mates.... yet. Most of my friends would have theirs either at 12 or 1.30 in which i would have classes around that time:/. i know this sounds silly but well i just don't like being alone. ARGH. it's my third year and i'm still such a baby #bigsigh.

guess i need to be more proactive and start asking random people. hehe. #whenproactivegoeswrong #ignorethispost

Thursday, August 28, 2014

what now

Somehow i regret for not leaving earlier when i was given the chance. ARGH now i have to deal with the stocks #ifyouknowwhatimean #amnotawarehouseorganizer

Friday, August 22, 2014

one more week.

One more week to go and i would complete my internship program! I actually kinda have mixed feelings about this. On one side, i really want to finish my internship as soon as possible so that i could have a break for myself. But on the other side,i would miss people here and i actually prefer working than attending lectures.

My 5th semester is about to start and i actually feel overwhelmed with my new courses. I always have the insecure feeling that i might not do well on the higher advanced courses and i would probably have a bad grade on those courses... For now, i have four required civil courses and three of them have lab sessions for every week. Each lab session would last about 3 hours...... Now I feel scared and anxious for no reason.

Monday, August 18, 2014

just another day

Been feeling so tired and unenergetic since this morning. yesterday i spent the whole day moving all my stuff from hall 6 to hall 8! yup, am officially a resident of hall 8 and i got the seaview room! and private bathroom! well not really private since i need to share it with the other three girls but it's way better than hall 6's public bathroom.  I like the room way better than hall 6 since hall 8 is actually pretty new and there's a gym downstair! but i guess i would need to think twice if i decided to move to another hall next time. The packing and moving processes are such a pain...

No more cab every morning to the workplace since my cab buddies have officially completed their internship program last week. This means that i need to wake up like at 6.50 every morning and take the train for the remaining two weeks. I dont know why but i just dont feel like working anymore. I still can't believe the fact that right after i finish my internship, the school would start in two days. Actually i dont have that much work load in my workplace, but i just want a break. At first i thought that since all of my friends are leaving im gonna be lonely and that's actually the main reason why i agreed to extend it till 29th. but now that half of my intern buddies have left, i just dont feel like coming to work anymore. #callmelazyworm #iknowimlazy #iwantabreak #fightingjennessiachance #stillgothomeworkforindustrialtraining #ohlife #nottomentionthatstockmanagement #ohemji

Thursday, August 14, 2014

still the same

Just realized that i have been blogging for almost 4 years #somuchwin #yeay. I just revisited my blogger profile and noticed that i put a lot of disney movies in my favourite movies part. #HAHA. I'm still a disney fan at heart. My mom used to tell me bedtime stories when i was young, and I have always believed in those fairy tales and happy endings. I grow up watching all those disney movies and hoping one day i could be one of those princesses. hehe.  I have always thought that fairy godmother exists and one day she would visit me in the middle of night and grant my three wishes. I still remember every night i prayed that the fairy godmother would come visit me sooner with her sparkling magic wand.

Now that i am 19, I finally understand that life ain't fairy tale. If i lost my shoes in the middle of the night, i would have to walk home barefoot. But then, i still believe in happy endings, dont you? :)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

another one.

It's August now which means my summer holiday is slowly coming to the end. 

I would most likely continue with my internship program till late August and school starts on the 1st of September. #ohlife.  Life has been quite good... well except a lot of friends have left for their exchange :(. Speaking of exchange, I got NUS ! Yap, it's at Singapore so i am going to Singapore next January for roughly 5 months. I am quite excited about it yet i feel quite sad knowing that all my friends are going to US or Europe. I have always wanted to go to Australia to pursue my study and I was quite disappointed that Daddy didn't allow me to go there even for exchange. :(. I mean, two years ago, when i already got the offer and set my mind to go there, he cancelled it and kinda promised me i could go there for exchange study. 

But, on the bright side, Singapore is much closer to home and i have my elder sister there. Guess i should stop complaining and be grateful. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

summer in hong kong

Summer here has not been that good. I am feeling quite moody these days and i am so so so in the hate relationship with the weather. I feel like i have no one to talk to and some part of me just want to go back. During weekdays i work as an intern and during weekends i do part tme jobs. I know that this is nothing compared to my other friends who even enrolled for summer courses and work for like three jobs but i just feel tired. I feel like i am so lonely here.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


My internship has officially started! been waking up everyday at 6.30 am, chasing the bus, squeezing in the mtr...... oh life.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


I don't know how many times i have been whining about this but i'm homesick. It's summer break here and everyone's going back home. :(.

yes, i am just that pathetic. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

From where i stand.

Hi! This is me updating from the library after spending hours searching for what to prepare for my korean visa. so one of the required documents is the financial statement in which online financial statement would be enough. when i went through my personal banking i can hardly find the so-called "online financial statement" and i just found it like an hour ago.. i literally feel so stupid. When it comes to banking system, the only things i know are how to withdraw, deposit, check the balance of my account and how to pay my credit card bills.

so as my internship offer is (kind of) confirmed, i think i would have to cancel my trip back to Singapore in early August. Before, the reason why i want to go back to Singapore during that time is because i want to meet my parents before my fifth semester starts. but now when my internship ends in middle of august, i think i would not be able to go home again for this summer. well, not going home is not a big deal for me since this is not my first time. but last year my mom and my younger sister came to visit me. while this summer, they are too busy with their own trip that they can't visit me again. So this means that i would not see all of them till next winter break. T.T at first i thought that i could probably go back right after i finished my internship, but then during the internship period, i would not be available for two weeks due to my trip and industrial training, so i have to compensate them additional two weeks after the official period ends. and right after i finished the internship, my summer holiday ends and fall semester begins.

I think i would go back as soon as winter break begins. 

In the meanwhile, i still have sit for another two exams and hopefully i could do both exam well. ah, and the weather here is getting warmer :) although the humidity level is crazy. it is so humid that i just want to stay in my room and not moving anywhere. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


just secure an internship at hong kong ! can't express how happy i am right now. i got the offer yesterday night and i am so excited about that! although this means that i have to re-arrange  my plan for my summer holiday, but i am so so so happpy !!!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

exam week

it's exam week #ohemji

had my first final yesterday and it was just so so..... anyway i still have another one tomorrow so.......

anyway, last friday went to the last round of interview for an internship and i sincerely hope that they would select me T.T it has been a long long process since april and if i failed in the last one, i would be truly disappointed with myself. ;'( but i should not expect much right?

planning to go somewhere during summer but air tickets nowadays are so expensive....... and not to mention that since i have been waiting for some companies' replies, i have rejected some part time jobs at school during summer...... life's hard.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

that should be

Cause sometimes i think way too much. been so sensitive lately. ;/

so this week is the last week of my fourth semester! OMG 
one good thing when finals are coming is summer holiday! am so lucky that my uni has a three month full holiday for summer! but still, i have to stay here during summer for my industrial training ;/ 

anw,planning to go to Singapore in the beginning of august for some gateway with le familia! x) 

Saturday, May 3, 2014


next week is the last week of my third semester and there goes my final exam week.

still can't believe how fast time flies and i haven't had a concrete plan for my summer. been applying for interns but haven't gotten any firm offer yet. sigh :/ and it's already may so i am pretty sure that i couldn't get an internship opportunity ;(. actually my advisor said it would be much easier to get an intern in my 3rd year since most company would like to hire students in their penultimate year. but still, i thought i could manage to get one for this summer T.T

so my plan for now is just doing my industrial training and hopefully this would be the last industrial training i have to do during holiday.

i am moving to the new hall for the next semester btw. moving to hall 8 oh yeah. and i have just finished wrapping Y-talk 2014! i was the MC for Ytalk this year and this was a big challenge for me. I have never done any emceeing event back when i was in high school. I was kind of uhm.. introvert? haha. too busy with my school work i guess. When i came here, I did few since i am the ambassador for the school, but not in front of 300 audiences so this was a big thing for me. although i know that i am still lacking, but i am really grateful to have the chance not only in organising the event but also becoming one of the MCs! :D

and oh, i don't know if this is confirmed or not, but i would probably go to Korea this summer :D

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

wondering around

Hi. i just finished a workshop and arrived at my room at 11 pm. It has been a long day since 10 am and i still have to do some stuff about y-talk. have i talked about y-talk before?
So basically y-talk is a platform in which students would share their life-experiences in which aims to inspire others and make a impact to community. sounds pretty cool eh? It was found by a student in my school last year (now an alumni) and this year i am one of the OC( Organising  Committee ) and also the MC for this year event. Since y-talk usually has its annual event in which we would invite some students to share their stories in 8-10 minutes and last year it was a hit. So i am hoping this year would go well as i am one of the OCs and the MC.

But i'm just so overwhelmed by the things that i have to do with all the piling assignment.
here goes my random chant...
Why some people just can't work and corporate well in teams and please, when you lead, you have to be at least a qualified leader in which your members would look at you as role model. ;/ i think i just don't fit into the culture. ;/.

Monday, April 21, 2014


today is the last day of the easter break and i am panicked.

been playing and hanging out these days and i haven't done all my to do list, which are doing the homework and reviewing the notes. so now i have been watching the lecture videos since 9 pm so that i could follow what the prof would discuss tomorrow.....

i know i am such a great procrastinator.... so here some pictures to summarise my easter break.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

there you go

I had fluid mechanics midterm exam last tuesday and it was the worst exam that i have ever had here.

Sometimes, i just feel that i don't belonged here. Frankly speaking, back then, i never thought that i would eventually chose here to pursue my further study.  I don't regret, don't get me wrong, i mean this university is really nice,after all, it's one of the top universities. But because of that, i am so burdened. Every student here seems so smart in everything, they get good grades easily, and it seems that i am the only one that fall behind. 

Anyway, the exchange application is open and i am thinking where i should go. Well, to be honest, i guess i don't have much choices. Last winter when i went back home, i talked to my dad about my plan to go to US for exchange. But sadly, my daddy said no. :/ I know that he cares us a lot, but i never thought that he won't allow me to go. ;/ so i guess i am going to put Singapore as my first choice. It's not a bad choice actually, i have my sister who is currently staying there and i could go home whenever i want. . . . but i am quite disappointed, actually.

Monday, March 10, 2014

deep down there.

Hello folks! This is me updating in the middle of the annual general meeting with the choir. The reason why i am so free and could type a blogpost is that they are speaking in their own language (read: cantonese) and i am alienated.

I should not have joined or even be the executive committee of this club.

Anyway, my industrial training schedule for this summer has been released.......

I have the training till 31st of July! Crap.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


just finished meeting with the y-talk team like one hour ago and now i have to study for tomorrow's quiz. this week i spent every night working and meeting with the teams since everything's coming closer. it's only the fourth week for god's sake.

while somehow i hate myself being so busy with the classes and the clubs, i also hate when i have no meetings to attend and no activities to get involved. i guess people are naturally greedy yah. :/

Saturday, February 15, 2014

rewind: 11th January 2013

So my industrial training ended yesterday! *throwconfetti*

it was actually a very fruitful experience since i learnt,gained a lot of hands-on experiences and broadened my knowledge. We get to taste on how we would be doing if we have entered the real-life work environment..... So yeah, it was a very nice training and i am still doing on my last report. I dont want to bring my homework back with me. and oh yes, i am coming back tomorrow, well not to indonesia but to singapore first. Remember that i always tell people that singapore appears so homey to me?

I can't wait to fulfill all my medanese food cravings, celebrate chinese new year with my family and gather with all my family members after a year!

so excited!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


last month the 12th i was so happy that finally i was going back home.
last month the 12th i woke up early, did the errands and finalized my packing process.
last month the 12th i was so happy that i skipped my lunch and waited for the taxi.
last month the 12th i was flying back to my second home, singapore.

last week the 4th i was crying in the airport at my hometown, medan.
last week the 4th i hugged my family members, crying, and sobbed saying that i don't want to leave.
last week the 4th i was being a crybaby and took the flight to singapore with my sister.
last week the 4th i enjoyed my last day of holiday in singapore with my elder sister.

last week the 5th i woke up early, went to the airport and cried again.
last week the 5th i went on flight to hong kong by myself and sobbed again.

i wanna be at home.