Sunday, December 15, 2013

new things

introducing my new jersey. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

it's finals baybeh

so it's final exam period now.



Saturday, December 7, 2013


To be honest, i have not discovered neither my passion nor my ambition yet. This topic just came across to me as i was reading some successful stories from young entrepreneurs.

When i was little, i wanted to be a linguistic and then i said to my mom that i would like to major in English literature. Later on when i was in primary school, i found out that English grammar is too complicated and i thought i could be a teacher. Since my mom is a teacher, i thought i could be a piano instructor . When i was in junior high school, my elder sister told me that she would like to be an auditor and she's taking accounting and finance as her major. I have never interested in business courses and i thought i would read something more scientific for my future. After i was admitted in the acceleration class, i felt so tortured by all the science subjects but still, i was still thinking to major in engineering just because i don't want to study the same scope with my sister. and i have always known that my daddy and mommy  have high expectations to me. So when i was browsing about any engineering disciplines that i would like, i found that my attention was drawn in buildings, structures. so i said to them i would like to major in civil engineering or project and facilities management or even real estate. I put Project and facilities management as my first preferred major on my entrance test to NUS and i got rejected. I was sad but i realized there's nothing i could do. Moreover, my mom also did not allow me to go to UNSW to major in civil engineering (UNSW was my plan B)  So i threw all of them,  and applied to SIM studying banking and finance. Around that time i was reading a novel about banker and i thought it was cool to be able to work in an investment banking company. But i guess i was wrong, i got an offer letter from HKUST, and i was admitted to the school of engineering. Frankly speaking when i applied to HKUST i was just challenging myself and i put engineering as my preferred major since i thought it's a university that focuses on technology and science. At when i knew i was admitted, i was going to reject it. Hong kong has never came across in my mind and to be away from my hometown for like 2633 km, i was pretty certain that i would reject it by myself. But then with all the reputations that HKUST possess, i would be lying if i said i would reject it because of my crazy homesickness. So i came here, and of course, asking the admission officer if i could change my major to business since at that time i was so determined to be a banker. After completed one semester here, i began to like my major and realized if i had to study economics or accounting i wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as i did with other engineering courses.  So i decided to stay in the engineering school and chose which streams i would like to major. Still, my choice lies on civil engineering instead of chemical or industrial engineering. I tried the chemical engineering courses but i felt that it was not my thing and for industrial engineering, i thought i only interested in it since it's a combination of business and engineering. I preferred a more specific major so i chose civil engineering.

Now that i have completed another semester of my choses major, i don't really have anything to say. I dare not to say if  it's my passion but one thing that i am sure, i feel no pressure in learning and discovering what civil engineering is.

I hope i could graduate with this degree with a good CGA, have a stable job, and i would like to do an MBA in the future.

God bless!