Wednesday, August 28, 2013

hola hule

will cut my hair this friday! :D

Sunday, August 25, 2013

round off

so i have finished my summer job and this upcoming is the last week of my summer holiday.

can't believe 3 months just passed in a blink of eye. 

recently i was so occupied with the trainings for the library student team and some work left for IAS. It was hectic. way too hectic and i didn't realize how tired i was until i woke up at 12 and found my heavy eye bag. Also, i have moved to my new room and it's double room. :D I have just cleaned the room and i love my new room now. Previously, my summer room is such a pain. It was so freaking dirty and even my bed was so smelly like asdfoaiejasdoifnd. I don't know how the guys who used to live in that room can survive.

Some of my friends have come back so my homesick is cured. Dorine even brought 2 boxes of my favorite cakes from the town. I'm way too happy. :D :D . right now im counting how many months left to january since i WILL go back to my hometown and celebrate my chinese new year there.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

one year

so it has been one year already since i left my hometown.

so hong kong, let's make our relationship last longer and longer kay.

Monday, August 12, 2013

morning glory


Friday, August 9, 2013

that rainbow.

I just secured myself a permanent part-time job as a librarian on my campus for the fall semester.

I'm so happy. I feel so delighted!! 

Actually starting from the spring semester, i have been looking for a permanent job but it is so hard to find and often, i got rejected.

I was losing my faith after the interview since i have been rejected by the library so many times. I had applied some jobs at the library and my applications had always been unsuccessful. This morning my mom asked me about the interview  and i replied that i don't know and i was prepared to get rejected again. My mom laughed at me and consoled me that i should not be that pessimistic and focus more on my academic studies. But who knows that i would get accepted when i was about to lose my faith?

Although the job nature is very simple but i am happy that i am given chances to explore myself and to learn more. Honestly i am worried in balancing my work life and my academic studies but i believe that i will make through it.

Thank you God for every blessing that you have given to me. I will work harder :D

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


i think recently i have been so blessed.

my hall extension, which only covers for around 15 days, but costs almost as equal as my summer hall fee (2 and half months period) is officially sponsored by the school of engineering. :D  can't imagine how happy i am.

and i have used to my part time job and it's such a great satisfaction for myself that i get a "promotion" for my own. i started as a simple helper, but it turns out that i was promoted to be an ambassador for the conference and i am given the chances to be more responsible for important tasks.  no word could i use to express how thankful i am now.

although i must admit that these jobs are quite demanding and i can't go back to home for this summer, i'm happy that i could cross one of my simple-goal-lists, which is maximizing my summer effectively. :D

in addition, i have been planning to go to singapore in january just for a simple getaway. i miss singapore's trademark tofu :D

so life is treating me well and i am working hard to put all my heart into every single thing that i do now. i always believe that when i give more, i will earn what i am supposed to have.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

the august.

tried this so called baby apps and it's said i'm going to have a boy. #fingerscrossed. HAHA

So yesterday a lot of my friends went back to Indo, and undoubtedly, i feel so lonely here. My other two roommates have gone home, so i live alone in this triple room. Moreover, my neighbor has also gone back which means i'm totally by myself this time. I could feel the immense sadness now. 

I wish i could skip these 5 months and go back to my hometown. :'"(

Recently i haven't had a normal sleep clock. I am quite occupied with my job and i feel so tired every time i go back that i just want to sleep whole day. Moreover, i am quite stressed about the room relocation for my assigned room for fall semester. some of my friends entrusted their things to me as they didn't want to have summer hall and sadly i have to move all of those people's bags, baggages or luggages just by myself. :'( so stressful.

Holiday is going to end soon and i don't feel like going back to school in any time.