Tuesday, July 30, 2013

that time

cause during time like this, i need a space for my own.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

summer break

can't believe my 2-month-out-of-3-month-summer-holiday is just gone.

so within these 2 months, i have:
1. completed my summer course. thank god i had a wonderful group mates :D. The highlight was our group is the best group among all other 10 groups.
2. joined the engineering summer camp and was one of the emcees, organizers, and group leaders for the event. 
3. got accepted for some part-time job at campus. Thank god i have 2 different part-time jobs during summer. :) feel good when i could spend my summer effectively. 
4. cried a lot when mom and little sis went back home after spending a week here. so here comes my homesick.
5. last but not least, am officially eighteen now! have renewed my id and bank account and welcoming myself for finally being legal! although this year birthday i can't spend with my family, i feel blessed that i could spend it cheerfully and joyfully. Big thanks to my hkust pals who pranked me and showered with so much loves and surprises. :)

and i have not:
1. shopped although summer sale is everywhere in the town. can't believe i'm too occupied.
2. re-organized my files on my laptops and my shelves. too lazy.
3. slept properly. recently i sleep around 2 or 3 and wake up around 12. sometimes i wake up around 2 pm. -,- what an unhealthy life.
4. lost another few kgs. i have forced myself to exercise more regularly than usual and to restrict myself from eating anything that would carry fat into my body. HAHA. #incomprehensible.