Friday, February 1, 2013


so after spending 2 weeks at Singapore, now I'm back at my home enjoying my comfy sofa and hugging my big bolster. and of course, after my long posts that indicates that i always count how many days to go home.

Singapore has treated me so good, i stayed there for like 10 days for refresh and relax my mind. i need a short getaway to clear my mind. and i met some friends there which made me incredibly happy. and also, my sister got me a full set of urban decay make up set exclude the lipstick to celebrate my final result . i'm overjoyed :D. and yes, my final gpa has come out and all my hard work has finally paid off :D

i will definitely try and work harder next time :D thank god for always taking care of me and give me the best than i could expect.

and now i'm enjoying my hometown food so much that i think i gain few kgs here.

and one more thing, the heartwarming feeling when you are at home is irreplaceable. It the most soothing feeling that i ever had. It's kind of funny that i realized this after i study abroad.