Thursday, November 29, 2012


tomorrow is the very last day of november which means:

one day closer to final, and
one day closer to the D-day to go back homeeeeee

for this week, i have finished some project essays and math quiz. i feel so relieved yet afraid as i haven't revised for the finals. I'm going to have 4 finals and each of them will contribute 50 percent to my final grade for each subject T_T i feel like crying now.

university life is just so different from high school, but i won't give up. It's my decision to come here and pursue my studies here, so hopefully i can survive till my fourth year here. amen!
i actually think about transferring to another university since i feel that this university's grading system isn't that effective. mom has agreed with my decision but i don't know if i can do the transfer credit thing to another university. i know the transfer credit thing isn't easy and in fact, it's quite problematic and complicated. and actually this university is pretty nice too hahahahahaha, except the continously tension that it gives to its every student.

geez, i hope i were still a kid.

Monday, November 26, 2012

First time

There's always a first time in everything. and for today, im gonna show you my first attempt in cooking instant noodle with microwave.

turns out pretty nice right? :D

3 months!

oh well it has been three months since i arrived here. time surely flies.

all of my mid terms results are officially out and most of them are quite satisfying except math :x

my math score isn't that good but at least i have done my best. actually i passed it but..... it's not good T_T

but i won't worry too much since i have passed the mean score. so right now i'm occupied with projects,assignments, and quizzes. this university really doesn't let its students rest even after midterms T_T. Moreover,it left two more weeks to final. My first final is Chemistry and Math, and i will have both of them in one day. ONE DAY. i can't imagine how i'm going to survive but let's see. My final lasts until 20th December and after that, i will be going to Disneyland yooohoooooo <3 p="p">

my blackberry is still broken and i'm still waiting for my new phone. this is a real sad.  i miss them a lott!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Mid term period officially ends! well it has ended last week actually.

The town is so full with all the christmas decoration and i am so happy with it. although i'm not a christian but i always look forward to christmas day. It's such a holy day where everyone gathers and i just love christmas tree! too bad my blackberry is still broken and in addition, i didn't bring my camera to here so i can't snap a pic. For the past few weeks, i have been busying preparing for mid terms and after the mid terms, i went to the town to find blackberry service centre. i don't really trust those locals to repair my blackberry since i think they are all so cunning. So after few attempts and asking seniors and strangers i met on my way, i finally found the official blackberry service centre.


the office is closed because it's sunday. and just when i plan to go there again, i was told that they aren't going to repair my blackberry as i bought mine back in my country. i was so pissed off and i haven't been able to communicate with anyone else as my only phone is down. I feel like i was living in the middle of stone age where light or whatever didn't even exist. and now that i want to buy a new phone, again, i was told that it's not available yet and i have to wait for weeks and for the worst scenario, months. so now basically my only device to keep in touch with my friends are only my laptop.

I think i have get used to it. oh god.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

feeling so blue.

Welcoming autumn!

i didn't expect it would be this cold when it comes to autumn. it's not winter yet the wind blows so strong every morning. :/

some highlights for this week:

have just finished math mid term, there are two more left.
my blackberry is officially broken now.
i have been feeling down for no reason.
i feel so sick.