Saturday, July 28, 2012


So Hello to my dead blog. I know i haven't posted any since. This is just an on-off dead blog.

i plan to delete this blog because.........

1. this blog is too ugly and i am so lazy to edit all the things.
2. i haven't posted any since long long time ago and i declare that it is officially a dead blog now.
3. i want to create a new fresh start for myself.

but then i want to reconsider it because......

1. this blog contains like 2 years of my life-journal. although i didn't post a lot but i will miss every post that i wrote.
2. i always love to rewind and reminisce memories.i wish to live in memory.
3. it's all about the memories, pains, and those exhilarating memories of my high school since i first wrote this blog. i can't just delete all of them as i want to create the new blog with the same url.

So here's life-first-problem for me: Dilemma.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Time flies. and I'm counting days too. It has been months since i last logged into blogger and i decided to write a brief post before it turns to another dead-blog.

I wish you were here. okay, period.