Saturday, December 31, 2011


It was someday during school break in 2008, after i finished reading A Very Yuppy Wedding, i undoubtedly picked Divortiare without reading the synopsis as i recognized it got the same author with AVYW. At the first three pages, i just knew that this story's plot is about a woman who have just had a divorce. I was somehow astonished , as the author had just finished writing a book with the wedding theme, she bravely wrote a story about a divorce, which is somehow taboo in here.

It was my first time reading a novel about divorce, so i continued to read till the end. I was curious, and wondering if she could make me fall in love just like AVYW. So the plot goes like this: Alexandra, 29 years old, who has been a widow for 2 years, still got a permanent tattoo right on her left breast, written beno, her ex-husband name. Their reason to separate was simple, Both of them were chasing their career until they realized that they have been prioritized their work too much and after considering for a year, it was Alex who asked a divorce. i thought maybe she couldn't live with someone who doesn't care about her anymore, someone who prioritized his patients more than staying at home celebrating their wedding anniversary.

Then Alex's friend, Wina, as her best bestie encouraged her to move on by introducing her to Denny, their friend when they were pursuing their study at Australia. So after dates, Alex and Denny were officially dating. If i could add, I don't think Alex was accepting Denny wholeheartedly as she kept recalling her memories with Beno, although She kept saying She hate Beno. Alex was accepting because Denny is exactly the opposite of Beno, and she know he couldn't hurt him as much as Beno did.

So after dates there goes the proposal, and i hate that moment. From the very beginning, I have expected that Alex will eventually with Beno as i know she still loves him. We couldn't hurt by the one we love right? Alex once said that. So i started to flip from one page to another,carrying the expectations that She will say no to Denny and return to Beno.

But no, btw, Alex has her tattoo removed, this disappointed me too as i thought the only reason she kept the tattoo because she loves beno, and i am hoping that she.(again)'s.
but then i realized if i were her, maybe i would do the same too, i wouldn't expect too much as i have failed already. nobody falls in the same hole twice right? :)

But again, it's not Ika natassa if she is going to make the fairy tale ending.. and fairy tale stories..
Alex accepted her proposal and she was going to move to New York with Denny. WHAT????
but again, i should enjoy and wait till the ride ends. The ending is somehow...........................................................................................................................


Although the ending could make me tearing the book..........., i love Divortiare much more than AVYW, and Antologi rasa. i haven't read ika natassa's Underground, but i am madly, desperately fall in love with Alex and Beno, uhm, maybe only the hotshot, geekish, nerdish, doctor Beno Wicaksono. :)

so on April 2011, i found @ikanatassa is on twitter so i followed her, and from her tweets i know that there is an account named @alexandrarheaw (it is made by ika btw) . I viewed her profile and am very happy to see that her name is: Alex Rhea Wicaksono. :)) NOT Alex Rhea Ibrahim. thankgod thankgod. hahahaha

anyway, i just realized that why i am so into Divortiare, and why i feel that i am involved way too much in the story, it's like i was there to witness them. maybe that's the magic of her writings , right? :)


Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas is coming.

Hey i miss blogger! i noticed that i haven't really posted anything lately so i decided to type a short post. it's now December and hello, Christmas! so am going to face exam in less than two weeks and yes, i am not ready. i just had my HSK (the mandarin proficiency test) yesterday and i feel so much relieved. it's like i got one more checklist for my to-do list for this year. 2011 is going to end in less than 20 days and it feels like yesterday. btw, i am not going anywhere to spend this year holiday as i have some extra lessons during holiday. life oh life.....

sometimes, at the very lowest point in my life, i often feel disappointment towards myself. it's like i have never accomplished anything to what i endeavor. nothing turns into blossom. it's like i am doing something for nothing. i hate myself. i blame myself.

p.s. i hope i wouldn't give up on you.