Thursday, October 6, 2011


I can't count how many i have typed this, but


yeah, i can't even figure out why i am so busy everyday, rushing everyday, and what am i doing?My life couldn't be plain than anyone else's , Wake up, Go to school, Attend tuition, Go home, Take a rest, Sleep. and on weekends? I am too tired to do anything that i just laid back. Wait, is this called life? and at a time like this, there's every single cell in my body that would urge me to shout : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa . but alright, i cant find a place, so i will just sit and type here. nobody notices right?

sometimes, or should i say often? i wish my life would be like those films'. Miracle can come to help me when i am in a crucial test, like Elle in Legally blonde, when she finally passed her sat test and went to Harvard Law school. I wish i can hangout and buy everything i want just by swiping the card, the euphoria feeling when i could finally buy that lucky shawl like Rebecca Bloomwood In Confession of a shopaholic. or When there's a perfect man who helps me find a job and the one who see me not because what i have but who i am, and the man who just can make my dreams come true just see how lucky Nora in From Prada to Nada. or maybe i could just marry a completely flawless man that can turn me into a vampire and we will live happily ever after, no not Edward Cullen, it's Shrek isn't it? LOL. but not being chased and stalked with an anonymous who knows all your secrets like in Pretty little liars, but i would like to take the NZT pill in the Limitless movie, or then i would like to be an undiscovered Princess like Princess Diaries, or marrying the prince who studies in my country, See how Beige does it in The Prince and Me.

And yes, i have been daydreaming too much! goodnight folks! and i watched too much.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October Feast

doesn't every girl's wish is the same? (;

I write so that i can remember that once in my life time, this happened.