Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happiness knocks in.

Hi!. This blog is gonna be a picture diary i see. no more words to type, no more words to tell, sometimes picture can show unlimited feelings that we can't describe. If people say writing is easier than confessing our feelings, then i would choose showing pictures. Because sometimes, words aren't enough, and i can't express my feelings well. they are mixed, like today. . . .

This heart isn't mine, i am not the owner, you are.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Everytime i wake up, i hope it will be a better day.
I am tired, i need a break.
I am not ready to face the real life out there.
I wish I were still a baby girl.
I don't wanna grow up.

Cookie Monsters.

There are specifically 3 things in my mind now:

1. I need sleep, a very long sleep
2. I need holiday or at least give me 2 sundays for each week.
3. I want a vacation.

Make it happen anyone? x)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

30 minutes.

Here's my review to your antologi rasa :

one word: witty. I couldn't decide whether it's worth-reading or not as it would be too subjective. But one thing i realized when i was reading your book, is i get addicted. Your book is like drugs, cigarettes, or even magnet that i couldn't take my eyes off of the book. Words have powers, yeah? (: what i love the most is plot, the theme may be a simply love story, but the plot is unpredictable. As always, your novels are always too real and somehow it can be so hard to remind myself that they are fiction. the way you marked the ending is distinctive, shocking , and somehow speechless-ing. yes, as it would be too cliche if you just let K finally realized who is the best and with H. Their love story is still a long way to go, isn't it? i wonder how come you could write H's part so well, as playing four roles in a row isn't easy. In contrast, I would like to comment some contents which i get bored as they are too detailed, but still congratulations on your fourth book (: