Sunday, August 28, 2011

Holiday is coming dam dam dam

Helloooo everyoneee hehehe :D i just noticed that i haven't posted anything since that July post. I have just finished school examination and try out this morning. Both of them didn't go well. *sigh*
i am in semester 4 yet my grades are just so so. i don't know how many times i have said this but : yes. i am worried sick. 7 more months left till graduation, and i just need to choose my major distinctively, and which university i will go to. everything is just messy and so blur. i feel like i am in the gray shaded area, trapped between black and white.

Bytheway, i have received my IELTS test result, and it turned out to be so good. okay, i mean good enough for me, i was so lack of preparation and i was thinking just a pass will be okay, but i got more than enough hehehe, and thank god for my writing section too. (: i am so incredibly exhilarated. i don't need any foundie if mom allows me to enter MonashU, but i guess mom wouldn't let me go, huh?

guess 7 is my lucky number. (:

But again, i am going to have a one-week full holiday as Indonesia is celebrating The Idul Fitri. I may gonna hit somewhere out of town since my older sister has returned. so, enjoy your holiday folks! (: