Saturday, July 30, 2011

gust of wind

I has just finished my IELTS test, I repeat once again , IELTS test, a real test, not a try-out. it all happened too fast, mom enrolled me to the test and then i had my fingerprints taken, along with my photos and DUP! i finished the test by this afternoon. Listening was just okay, since i didn't really hear well in the section4, reading was fine, but that didn't mean okay, writing was..... it's like i got a very limited time , and i didn't check it, blame the timeeee! :( and speaking ,i think i was mumbling and i was way too afraid about my grammatical errors while speaking. God, bless me, i have really put my best effort and now i only want to achieve the best one that is given to me. i don't want to disappoint my parents who had afford the entrance test fee. it's way too expensive god, pleasee Blesss meee :(

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back to reality.

So, Hello people! it has been so loooonnggg since the last post. hehehe. i have just come back from my ten-days trip to Penang and Hadyai and i have been so busy since then. Back to school, tuition, re-arrange schedule, and back to reality.

anyway, i am tagged by 3 people, Desilia, Jennifer, and Florenshia to post about ten facts about me so here we go!

1. i can't never live without music, i always bring my earphones with me and whenever i feel like nobody is talking to me, i listen music.
2. i love daydreaming, daydreaming is sometimes relaxing hehhee. traffic nowadays is so bad and i always love daydreaming at car. ;)
3. i always drink cold water, including swallowing some pills. it seemed like i can never drink water without ice inside.
4. i can't cook. the only thing i can cook is popmie. don't laugh
5.first impression always means so much to me. often, i judge people just by their appearance and how they socialize with others.
6. i often wonder how my life would be if i were born in the 15 or 16 century, where everyone were still conventional, where one's status was everyone's concern.
7. i can't never get enough of fiction stories, and novels. i always love reading romance stories and maybe marriage stories
8. i am a thinker. i think too much, and i often blame myself. and my face directly shows what i am thinking about.
9. i have never really found what i really like.
10. i always keep pictures, notes, and everything just to assure myself that memories last forever. that there was once, something beautiful happened. :)

anyhonw, i am now wearing braces. yeah, my friends said it was quite surprising, but no. i have planned it during holiday and now i can't eat. well, a very good idea to lose some kilograms in months. -_-