Thursday, June 23, 2011

It happened.

There was one time, and it happened. i had never expected it until that day.
It's almost 12 and I'm up. i can barely sleep lately. i think i am suffering insomniac-all-night-during-holiday. : (. and the very worst part is i still get up at 8 sometimes. I am completely exhausted. I feel so not fit. Now i am reading Red River Manga, and the plot is interesting. It tells us about the kingdom in the Middle East and i have always adored prince and princess stories. :) but now i am stuck, Speedy is so slow! The internet connection is oh so..... oh well. My curiosity is so strong that i will not sleep after i finish the story, uhm maybe not the story but at least one more chapter please? :D but i can't do anything if the connection is so slow, i feel like i have to wait for ages just to read one page. *okay that was a lil bit exaggerating* i have no idea how many times i have pressed the refresh button and it still can't work. i feel so frustrated now.
i am now sending my prayers for whoever that could make my internet connection runs well!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Tell me that this ain't true.

Tell me that this ain't true. Tell me that those ain't real. i don't wanna give up that easily.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

don't wake me up.

Hi. It has been a week since the last post and i haven't updated about that day. err, i promise i will post about it later, not now, because I'm still waiting ... i feel that there is one missing puzzle piece, so i will just try to solve it and tell you about the whole story later. :) so how's your holiday, people? mine is good, pretty good, i spend my holiday going to tuition, and hang out with my friends. :) life's pretty. so i am leaving for Penang next Saturday, will be spend 10 days going there and visit Thailand. :) and my sister is joining too, and that makes me incredibly happy. :D i haven't met her since Chinese New Year on February. :) all i need is a break, out from this town for a little while, and have fun all the way!

and i found these pictures by googling around. i am so bored so i google pictures. like always.

tell me where can i buy these? :(

and i have learned that some things -no matter how much we want it and how much effort we have put in order to obtain it- aren't meant for us. even when you think it's the best for you, and that's the best thing that suites you the most, sometimes it simply does not for us. and we got to sacrifice something, to know that maybe we could deserve something is better, but are the sacrifices worthy enough? and we do often make mistake in judging people, well we can't never stop judging people right? thinking about who may be the best to accompany us, but sometimes we got all things wronged, and there's no point to turn back. because you have no one , back when you are alone. no directions. People often said "let go", "leave the past behind", "move on" and i started to wonder, is it that easy to move on after some cruel , hurtful past that has harmed you into pieces? even if we could move on, doesn't the past always stick permanently in us? it's not a tattoo that can be removed, and it hurts more than a tattoo. the hurt feeling that will always be planted in ourselves, the scar that we try to close it deeply. and someday, we are going to open it , and when feeling comes out to surface, i was wrapped in fear and worry.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

a moment to remember

Officially 16. and today was magical <3. will post it later. <3.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

a day

11 june. my last day of being fifteen. it left 12 more hours to go to the day. and i am rewinding now. last year, 12 june, was a day that i won't forget in my life. that day was one of the best day i have ever gotten, the day when i could feel all the joy and i could feel nothing but joy and happiness that surrounded me that day. that beautiful day was saturday, and i got surprises from my bestfriend, and i didn't really expect it since they didn't show any signs. well of course, it won't be named surprise if that person knows right? so i didn't realise it and i didn't hope much till my bestfriends came, holding a strawberry cake, hahaha. well they really know my favourites. :) and do you know what i wish in the make-a-wish part? well, i wished i could be with them, always be with them like forever, hoped that this friendship will last. and for the perfect evening? i went out with some of my girfriends , watched a movie, The Karate Kid to be exact, and i had my dinner with my family. and last, one of my friends lied to me saying that they would have a conference and asked me to wait, but the fact is, she called me in the midnight just to be the very last person to say 'happy birthday' to me. and i was touched. i felt my day was marked very flawless, all i could feel was joy and happiness from the ones that i love. and yah, i got a box of chocolate hahhaa. trufflina i think, guylian's one. haha. this one was the most unexpected one. hahhaa i was so blissfully happy with all the surprises, either the strawberry cake or the chocolate hehehe. but i know too in one year, everything can change. and after few week passed, i threw a party, just to invite some of my close friends, to share the joy. <3. i just love being with them. :) i feel so blessed having them around :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


it's like i have endured a very long 3 days without the internet connection. yes, my internet connection is suddenly gone and it's so frustrating. i have never experienced this kind of situation before, i mean my internet connection has always been good, but suddenly...... gone. -_-'
and i feel like oh! Finally! so how's your holiday people? mine is not that good but not that bad, the worst part is i still have to go to that endlessly tuition, and it seemed like i need to get prepared as it left only one year to go to university life.

being indecisive is such a big disadvantage towards oneself. i have never take this word seriously until i realize that i have that in a part of me.

forgive and forget? i don't think i could do this easily and wholeheartedly. people are selfish, aren't they?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Brown Bears.

I hate to say this but......... I am bored! i know this is holiday and it's just the third day and i feel so bored, i got nothing to do except going to tuition and well, you can't hang out everyday right? i can't just that easily waste all my money and ask my parents whenever i am broke. so i just spend my whole day watching movies, movies-marathon if i could say, reading novels, browsing via internet and sleep. i know this is should be the one that i have always yearned for, but when it came to something that you want, you get unsatisfied, people always demand more and more, don't they?

anyway, i'm so into marriage stories recently, i don't know if it because one user @alexandrarheaw on twitter owned by @ikanatassa or the william kate movie that i have just seen or the marriage novel that i have just finished. i just love to see weddings, and wondering about mine in the future.

enjoy your holiday chumps!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yellow Peach

Hola! How are you, readers? :D i'm freaking happy today, since holiday has started! YES! Holiday starts on yesterday and we have to enjoy this freedom after a full one week exams!
So just now i went to sun plaza, the most preferable place in Medan with my girls <3. we watched Limitless, a very cool and attentive movie but i can't figure the ending, the ending is so so confusing, it was like attracting us to solve the missing pieces, i am quite disappointed with the ending as i thought there were still mystery that left unknown. although i think those pieces were finally solved by my girls' analysis. :D it was typical day when we all decided to meet up at one place, watched movie, and sat at one cafe just to talk. isn't this what we called the-things-girls-always-do-and-never-get-bored? :D

i always hope this togetherness will last, no matter wherever fate might take us to settle in different places when we grow up. :)

it's June already my dear bloggie, time never waits for us yeah? it always moves ahead, without waiting for us, and there goes this month. you know in twitter, whenever one month is going to end, there will be a trending topic about your wish for the next month, and as this is for june, i make my wish.

@jennessiachance: #junewish because i know it might not happen again with our condition like this, please give me a miracle. let it happen again cause it's so sweet that i want like again and again. Please let my plane goes well, i don't have any idea why this plan would ever cross in my mind, but don't they say "when you have a will, give it your best, make it happen?" i know this thing may be simple, but i really wish it can go well.