Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's unstable.

i have no idea about what has knocked me down. I have figured out that it' s no more anger that has led me to this, but it's more like disaffection. The things go blur, and i am lost, stuck and trapped somewhere in the middle. I have tried my best, and i do know that I can blame you all, but flashing back to it, doesn't it indicate that this is all planned? maybe it's not a plan, but don't you realize that it's habitual actions that cause a forever thing. and that is what happened. it's may not be forever but maybe it will last, for a long time, long enough to kill me slowly. There's always something positive that i can take on every occurrence, but then again, I am tired enough to be the one who seemed okay with everything. I have told i am totally not okay, but can do nothing to deal with it. Because if i make a move, then someone could be hurt, but have ever you thought about vice versa? i am tired enough and patient enough, and at the same time, i am totally fed up with myself. Please think if you were in my shoes, i bet you wouldn't have said something that will cool up.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hi. I am up again. yes, i know it's almost midnight already, and I'm up. I was being burdened with my piling-up homework, mom keeps nagging me to organize her reunion photos, and i must book a flight for my daddy. AH! I NEED A BREAK!!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Like always.

Hello! i am finally posting something after....... several weeks! teehehehes ! i have been busy so lately and actually i got no plan for blogging today, but anyway, i am just coming to post some pictures. Like always, i am always into to Paris! and do you see the pink camera at the top? yes, it's one of my wish-lists for my sixteenth birthday, which is only two more months! :D can't believe time flies so fast. goodnight xxx.