Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Life cycles.

we will never know how one condition can be reversed, how bad luck can be turned into good luck. and after months of mystery, blurry , finally i got answers to everything. every single thing that has led me to confusion, sadness, and i have finally got satisfying answers for that. in contrast, the truth is i don't really care about the reasons that have stood behind it, but i am so grateful to have wonderful people around me when i was really down. This post is truly dedicated to people who i really love, and i hope i can always have them in my life. i know it sounds selfish, but isn't it so hard to find people like them? the one that always beside you, supporting you, when you yourself don't know what to do. i do know, the consequences of entering this acceleration class, means i will graduate early and we won't meet everyday, won't have lunch together. but I'm very certain, and I truly hope, our bonds will be strengthened, and this friendship will last. :)

because friendship isn't measured by how long you are with them, but how often they are always with you when you have no one else to rely on. :)

p.s. when you saw those pictures, i believe you will know. :) love you guys. :)