Monday, January 31, 2011


hello people! it's 3 days to go for Chinese New Year, and I am so happy. and yes, tomorrow I'm going to visit my sis, after six months. :D. I just can't wait to see her :D. tomorrow I'm going to take an early flight so i had better sleep early. so CIAO !! xxxx :D

Sunday, January 30, 2011

counting days?

out of many reasons that you have provided, i don't find it's a really good idea. i am just so tired.

Friday, January 28, 2011

everything is settled.

so CNY is approaching everybody!. and that's one of many reasons why i am so happy these days. my mood is on the top!. Yes, the trip has been confirmed, and that makes me feel so exhilarated.

and as time flies, i believe that everything will change, so do people. and i think everybody in this earth should have some egocentric part in himself. but how come they didn't think people around them? i mean, well, you must put yourself upon others, but you should think about others, as they will be affected just by your simple decision. and that's how i feel right now. i am stuck in this situation, i know that there's a clear reason why it became like this, but somehow when i really think over all, there's some part of me saying that" Why should i always be the one who tolerant? the one who will always say okay? " uhm, im not saying im an angel nor a saint, but there's a situation which encourages you to say fine, even it's not fine. and a condition which makes you can say nothing, even though you are totally mad with their acts that are so far beyond limits. i mean, even you are doing this for your own sake, shouldn't you think about others? moreover that has never been yours in the first time. maybe it won't affect to you or them, but how about others? just somehow i thought that i am so tired, and some tiny part of me are telling me that this is way too much. this is beyond any limitations. and the more i think, the more i get mad. or maybe i am too naive, being so sensitive? :(

i hate being in this situations i am tired. it is definitely so fake.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

words are powerful

hello. it has been a week since my last post yeah? yes, i am so busy. i have been living in a super hectic week in this life. i get up very early in the morning ,and arrive home at night due to a lot of tuition. i don't know why i can't manage my time. and i always missed my homework and it ends up that i copied everything from my friend's work. my life's really hectic, with some problems adding it, i feel that my life is enough messy. i hate being so sensitive and i get mad so so easily. and i realized that how powerful words are. Just by some provocative tone, i can feel that my closest person is slowly disappeared. and if i didn't take an action, to say everything, to say what the story really is, i guess i will get nobody to lean on. and i do learn something from this. although i am so disappointed, at least, they have known the truth.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

time, please stop. please . i wanna turn back.

just now i went to equinox. my former tuition place to have a reunion with my fellas. i miss them, i miss the time when im still studying at here. we are always joking, teasing each other, and shouting like freaking out people. i miss the way we are together, learning together,and i always think that we will always be together until graduation. never have crossed my mind that im going to choose my class, which means im going to leave them. and remembering those birthday moments, that we will make surprises to the birthday person, and every person has different surprises. see how hard our works? and i love them. i want to be with them. like we have been together for 4 years something, sure thing. they are a part of me.

and oh well, i just love white and red roses. i just cant choose one between them. roses are girls' bestfriends!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Script.

Friday, 3rd of February, 20.00 P.M

it's not like i'm committing to crimes or not, but im just taking a revenge. well, that can't be counted as revenge as i only do what they do to me. it's not like that i don't think if i were in your shoes, but it's more like i can't shut my mouth up all the times. remember, everyone has their own limits right? so if you keep doing that so, i will keep doing mine too. although i know that maybe you will judge me too selfish but have you ever thought that you did this too? maybe everyone will see im the wrong person, i am the bad. but right now i only can think of myself. maybe i will say nothing if you laugh at some certain circumstances, but if you laugh too much, of course i will laugh back. and at that moment, don't blame me, say what you need to say. everyone of course wants to be the winner, but please mind your attitudes. that's an ironic since that you can goodly judge someone, saying the fact that followed by the true reality, but when it comes to yourself, you are the worst. and if you keep saying that you are the righteous, but that's only in your mind, how about the others? it's not like what you think the best is the best for others.and it's not that you can control every person. maybe they will look okay, but actually they aren't.think widely, globally. i don't know if the others have figured it or not, but at least, i can tolerate what is in my way.but if it's out my way, i won't shut up. yeah, you are not even worthy to be worried. sorry. but i just can't let you too into my life. i must do some action too. at least, i need to show some pride in myself, i can't end up becoming a fool. you need to know me, and understand me. as i do to you. don't act too over.i just too tired of being okay as im not. so, mind yourself please.


Cielerie Frostore.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Flowers and leaves what will you choose?

so now i am surfing the internet. i wanna read something, so i try to re-read my previous posts for i-dont know-how-many-times-already. whenever i feel bored, or down i always re-read my posts for a while. it has been a year since i blogged for the first time. and right now i feel so bad. i don't wanna face tomorrow honestly saying. actually nothing bad happened, but i am way too afraid if something is going to keep on happening. although i have said it, i have got so many pieces of advices. still i can't let go. i believe that sometimes we can simply accept and forgiving someone not because of their apologizes, not because we feel some sympathy for them, but because we can't go on without them. because they have been a part of us, and that's so hard to let go. we need more time, more explanation, more patience to do. and right now, i know and i understand the feeling of that. it's not the matter who are right and wrong. but it's the matter who still want to stay, and endeavor together.


hello people! it's Sunday. okay im planning to work on some projects today. but after working in it like several minutes, i end up watching vampire diaries online. -.-. yeah im such a lame, a wonderful procrastinator. -.- so i had better start working on my projects now. so CIAO! :D

and about my journal. big sister said that i no need to find it anymore. She has one, and she's going to me on february maybe. -.- im not sure if i can wait that long huh. i need to write asap. yeah, writing has been my passion lately. ;)

p.s. dear somebody, you will never know how much i miss you.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

some things are unexplainable

hello people! how are you? today is Saturday which makes me feeling more alive than yesterday yesterday. i just haven't get used to my daily life. which is so bored and full of tuition. and i know that i am and will be so busy, so tired, in this upcoming week when every tuition is going to start. okay back to it, my grandma has came back already and guess what i got?

and, yeahhh. my sister gives me this :

uhm well as you look, this is the christmas plus new year present from her plus a pink wallet :D. i have been craving this for years you know. i have been trying to search everywhere . well i found some exactly look like but not so elegant, and not so real. even my friends are trying to search it as a present for my fifteenth birthday but they didn't find it. and sis told me that she found it. i am feeling so contented, exactly what i have been wanting! :D :D :D :D thankyou sis! xxxxxx i love it way too much. more than you can expect.

anyway, have i ever told you that i am so into Eiffel. that's way i change the background. :D. guess i need to say Eiffel i'm in L-o-v-e! :D
and i keep asking why? like what my sister writes in my journal that i need to be strong. i need to have something positive thoughts sticking in my mind. she writes everything that motivate me. She motivates me A LOT. i read it and i found her writings are truly touching. maybe this is the bond of being sisters. *im not being hyperbole* i feel that she's always there to support me, sometimes my sis can know what im hiding even if im not telling her. she can always see through which makes me feel so peaceful. it's like i can't hide everything from her, and after having a talk with me i always feel so relieved. like my burdens are all gone. :)

okay, should go to have a great slumber. enjoy your weekends people! goodnight xxxx

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rise and shine!

school starts. back to hectic life.feel like shouting. i don't wanna go back to school, i need more and more holidays. :( anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody! have you had a great party? i stayed at home . i didn't go to any party because i was sick. so pathetic huh? yes, actually i have been feeling not well these days. headache, stomachache, got fever and i even vomited. feel so bad. and as grandma hasn't got back home. mama seemed always tells me to drink something-sweet-orange-liquid? i don't know what the function is. but it's kind of vitamin C. guess i am sick with it. yes, grandma has visited big sis for half month. and i don't know when she will be going home. nothing can beat my grandma's cooking. :9.

reading my old posts reminds me of everything that has happened last year. and i still can remember clearly. like they just happened yesterday. again, why time ticks so fast? especially when we are with our beloved ones? :( and this blog is going to be one years old in a month! yeay. chinese new year is coming and im so looking forward for it. cause im going to spend it with big sis. vacation oh vacation!

and oh, school life is killing me. i can't even wake up in the morning. i feel so sleepy. go to school with messy look. yes that has always been my trademark. always falling asleep in car, and always daydreaming in classes. this is so-me! but attending school is always cheering me up. because i can meet my girls, and we are always crazy. and don't forget classmates. we are so loud. :D. guess friends are the biggest gift i have got besides family. :). and i miss my journal so much. i need to find a new book asap. i wanna write. well, as you know. blog is too public. certainly i cannot type everything here.

here are some pictures taken in brastagi, where i spent most of holidays at there, and because i miss sinabung's sangwoo. the reason why i came there. and Christmas. <3.

is it lavender? ehey ;)

p.s. you give a hope, and you took it away. why? i miss you. silly!