Monday, November 29, 2010

london bridge is falling down

suddenly i miss orchard. i miss singapore. i miss my sis. i miss jesslyn chance. i wish you were here. the reason why i keep telling my blog every single thing, cause i thought the best place to spill out my emotion is in my blog.

i spend my days focusing on my studies cause i dont want to let my parents to be disappointed. and i wanna grab my goal. i wanna do the best in my juvenile age, i wanna reach my ambition.
left 2 weeks before exam, welcome super pathetic plus boring doomed week.

a brand new start.

you know, after some weeks, like 2 months something. we need to move on, stand up, facing everything. yes, sometimes you dont need to explain anything. somehow we are too tired to start everything and solving everything. why dont we just go through everything? just let it flows. i believe time wont heal, but it surely will help :). i am cheering myself up, after some pathetic months that i have passed. i should have realized that i still have a lot of precious friends, families, people around mine. and i shouldn't keep burdening myself. :D. life must go on, we need to make a new step. :D. whatever might happen, happens. i know god has arranged the best thing for me. :)

life is getting good, although some things keep running in my mind. i should remind myself to be more careful. cause im afraid to be hurt again and again with the same thing, different people. i am tired, so tired to encounter everything. i know i keep saying these, but yes i wanna escape. i wanna move. i wanna have a new start, a new surroundings, i want to leave all the rest behind. . . . . . . . .

why cant everything stay the same? :(

and someone outta there, i think that i miss you. i miss the way we talking. i miss you. that's all i can say.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010


the very top photo was taken on 25th november, teacher's day and my sister birthday. yes, i participate in a club called " Korsik" and we showed on teachers' day. :p. that was quite fun. i was playing marching bell, or you can say xylophone. :D.
and the below two pictures were taken on Mauren's Birthday. She is now fifteen, and i am very thankful to have her. These two are my bests, no matter what happens.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Less, fewer.

i am doing my project cause i thought it's due on next wednesday, but my friends said it should be submitted by tomorrow. -.- such a disaster! okay then, byebye. should be doing on my project. oh, silly me. -.-

i should be strong. Fighting jennessia chance! :D

Saturday, November 20, 2010

okay, i should persevere.

i need to be strong, and problems will make me more mature in everything. i should learn how to let go, how to accept the truth, although reality always hurts the most. i should know that this problems cant drag me so long, and i should find another new things. i should know that people change, and it's no matter of who are wrong or right. the matter is some words are better unspoken. let time decides, let time heals for us. let it be . . . .


sometimes, i wanna leave this city. leave all the bad memories behind me, reaching another star of my life. and i dont know how many tears i have shed this month. :(

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Butterfly fly away.

Thanks sis, for being the only place where i can spill out everything. the only one who is able to see what im hiding, even we only see each other via skype. ;). cause you are the one that i believe the most, and we are far apart now. i miss you so much sis, the day we go to school together, shop together, teasing each other, . . . . . but then i realized you need to pursue your study. and reach your goal! :D. will support you fully from here. and do you know that just by telling you everything and listening to your advices makes me feel better? it's like my energy is being stored. :D. thanks for being my best sister. love you always. <3.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

real eyes realize real lies.

so it's going to be 12 p.m. soon. no worries, tomorrow is holiday people! yes, finally, i would have a very great hibernation if only my mandarin teacher didn't text me about tomorrow's morning tuition -.- so how's life everybody? yes, indeed. i need to say that life has treated me so good, and the thing that i should do is work hard, endeavor every single thing, never give up in reaching my goals. yes, i need to put them to my mind like seriously.

and i back to my daily routine, which means i am so bored yet i am so relax. cause the exams are ended, and it left about one month to face another examination. and i dont know why, i think time ticks so fast, and i need to be rush. i have a very little time to accomplish everything. everything that is needed to enter a uni. and i need to think and decide quickly which major im going to take. i feel like i have no time to even think. everything needs to be done so quickly. -.- okay i know i am babbling but yes, those are what i felt recently.

oh well, i still have something that need to be worried. a thing that came without my knowing, and involving me, and i dont know when it will end. certainly i know things are getting better, but this feeling , this cant be gone just in time. i need time. sometimes, i feel like escaping the world sounds so much better, not mentioning to be a cowardice but still . . .

i am so sorry if my latest posts are all so gloomy and i keep telling you the same thing. cause this blog is the only place where i can share everything. goodnight. :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rainbow and storm

trying to cheer myself up. there's always a rainbow behind rain right?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Ask, and everything will be answered. don't be afraid too ask, don't be too pessimistic, try to look for another point of view. try to be positive, search for another people that are better, open up your mind. there are still a big big people around you. look forward.

lemons are yellow, bananas are yellow too, but you and me are black to white.

Monday, November 8, 2010

crying in the rain.

Hi. :) i skipped today's school as i didnt feeling well. i am sick, to be exact. well, i really dont know what to type or to say. somehow, i am speechless for all the things that has already happened. somehow, i wish that i can run, escape and how i wish to be an ignorant so that i cant be hurt so easily. because honestly, i dont wanna lose them. but what to say? a broken glass would never be a perfect glass again, at least, we have the scar inside our heart. :(. and i really dont know what to do, i will just try to be an ignorant.

early november is making me sick, frankly speaking, i dont know how much tears i have been pouring out. lately i become so sensitive, and easily to get hurt. :( and i start to blame everything in me. cant get the rid off of this heavy feeling. yes, i wanna move from this city, my heart said. can i? 1 year and a half wont take a long time right? :(

you may say i am a coward, but sometimes, dont you feel like running from this uneasy situation and starting a new life is so much better?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

guess what ? i dont know you.

nobody knows. nobody asked. and i will just keep the pain, endure it. Time wont heal, but it will help right? :(. i hope so.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


bring out your camera, take a shoot of yours. life is meant to be enjoyed. ;)


Silence doesnt mean i can be fooled. please, dont be like this. if i had anything wrong, please just say it directly. dont be like this. even you guys are acting normally, i could feel something wrong is happening. i can't figure it out. no one will understand how i feel, i have all of these burdens , keeping it alone. i know i will get older by thinking so much.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Time flies.

hello november, 011110. a very nice numbers. november has come, sister birthday is coming too! too bad she's going to celebrate her eighteenth without us. :/

and in few days, it will be exactly one year after the incident. and still, the same thing is happening again, and i dont know what to do. got not tears to cry. . . .. . ..