Sunday, September 12, 2010


yes, im enjoying my holidays. :D, well, holidays have started on last Thursday, and we will have a 10 days holidays. feeling good, heh? :D, yes, but i feel like i am a lazy-worm at my house. it's more like i have nothing to do. er... i lie, i got so many things to do, but it's like i dont have the feeling to do. lol. and i definitely enjoy my routine in holidays: wake up at 12, have my lunch, online, watch movies, take dinner, go out, read novels, then sleep. :p

and im not going anywhere, im staying in town, while my mom and pop are going to visit my sis. but eh, this is still secret, my sis hasn't known about this. ;). staying in this town, well i have to admit that im bored. superb bored. without mom and pop here, i feel empty - well actually not so dramatic- but well, holiday at home isn't going to be as fun as going abroad right? and, before holidays, there came some unexpected things. im not going to tell you what. cause, i dont wanna go into it, just let it happens by its own way. i dont have much strength. sorry.

fyi, i have decided to attend acceleration class, which means i will graduate in two years. so fast, right? time ticks so fast, and i have to get everything done in two years. everything that is needed to go to my university. think about what major im going to take. yeah, i need to make everything becomes brief. wish me luck, bless me. <3.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Love is fragile -The last Song.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Another Shot.

i never expect that farewell comes so quick. i know we still can meet each other. i know we are still in the same school. but still, our memories, our moments. we always talked about everything, teased each other until the victim shouted, and we laughed like crazy. there was not a day that we didnt laugh. although we come from different classes, we adapt well, our solidarity is great. when it comes to someone birthday, we will try our best, make different and unique surprise. and we have done it for several years. new comers came, and they are best friends. we learned, and we did the stupidity. we laughed, shared the happiness, but sometimes, we got punished, HAHAHA . but those moments are still a part of us. these are us. these are the way we are. we are a team, you cant count us individually.i love you guys so much, i have never expected that today is the last day. ...
memories last, right? i hope today is not the end... yet.

i love you guys, equinox members. <3.
i love my class, π r 2 t. it is the best class that i have ever attended, with a super classmates. <3.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Coincidence or fate?

i see my name at the list. The list of names. some i know , and some i dont. i have ever expected this, but i really dont care at first. and when it comes, i realized. i need to take a decision. a decision. take all the risks. having those as my routine. will endure so much, doing so hard.

Is this really what i want?

having those messy life, those stressful life, well i still dont know how hard life will be there, but it's like i cant take the decision by my own. okay i know, since young, i am not be able to take a decision for something important like this. and im in a huge dilemma. which part should i hear? and should it be me who decide it all? what if it's wrong? it's the path that i walk by myself, alone, no one is going to help. and so a CRAP, i dont have an idea to what i am facing right now.

i dont know, expect the unexpected heh?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


so here i am, sitting in front of my computer, typing everything. yes, i skipped school this morning, i was sick. such a strange thing for me, yes, remembered that i was still okay last night, but well everything is unexpected.

so today is the beginning of September , which means my class is going to be separated......
and i have got my result for the first monthly test..... nothing goes smoothly, but all my hard works are payed off. certainly i was shocked when i first received my result, realizing that there is a gap, huge gap between junior high school and senior high school. :(. im trying to do the best, and well i will just receive what it will be, and still try do my best. :)

since my sis is not here to accompany me anymore, i guess i have to learn to be independent. because i used to tell her everything, i really mean everything, every problems , and when somebody says.........

and now, it is nearly to November, okay i know it's just September, but really time ticks so fast, you will never realize it , heh? it's like i just started my first year of being a senior high school student, and when it comes to November, that incident is almost one year, for me, it just happened for last month...