Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another chapter.

aSo, test has ended so far. and honestly, i dont think i was doing good in the tests. im dead, or im doomed. :/. i will just wait for the result, may god bless my result, im begging. :).

anyway, my sis went to Singapore last week, leaving Medan, to pursue her study. She departed on Wednesday, 18 august. We delivered her to airport. At first, i hope we wont cry, but yes, grandma cried first, and then we all cried. I cried like stupid, thinking that like i lost my sis. a shoulder to cry on. May god always bless her, and i do wish a super success for her. :)

and now im bored to the max. so last last saturday, it was my friend birthday party. He's 15. and He will be going to Singapore, so maybe this is like His farewell party. :)

me, birthday boy, and grisella. :)

so it was me, and the girl who loves JB. :p

and i dont know why, i love this picture at airport. :)

errr, bad news, i thought daddy will bring an iphone or itouch for me from singapore, but well, it seems like i have to wait until september . :/

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I miss you, my man.


school life is just so terrifying. so horrible. we will have our very first monthly test on 13th of august, which means we only got about 2 weeks to learn all the materials. and for sure, in order to stay still in our class, we need to get a good score. -.-, okay school life doesnt turn out to what i have expected. I am so exhausted, wake up at 6 and go home at 6. life isnt that easy. :s and lately, i think im a bit stressed of all the pressure. I feel so down. okay, people around me have cheered me but really, words can make you better, but they cant decompress the feelings that i felt.