Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Plain to Pale.

i need a place. to refresh my mind. i wish i never meet you, never know you, never be a friend with you. that was my biggest mistake in my fourteen-year-old times.
so sick if i want to talk about you. such a stubborn people who don't want to admit your own mistakes instead of just pushing them to me. such a tricky.

i want quickly go there. maybe i just can meet new people at there. i hate the moment when you are there, and you want to destroy it badly. can't you feel the disgracing feeling in your head?

p.s. i miss you, you are not here. :( am i wrong in valuing you?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chocolates And Candies.

p.s. you are my reason i breath. :)

hello! im still looking for headers.. :). yes, i wanna your header got changed. i get bored to this one, so simple and not attractive. i have download some cute fonts and
but i can't found the headers. i have looked some at shabbyblogs. but i didn't find the one i like. :(. hmm, choices are difficult, aren't they? anw, i found these on my pc. oldies things, about the twilight times. :)

i get fooled by the magazine, they said that there will be an announcement after the new moon's premiere. by Rpatz and Kstew, like declaring their relationship but till know, i heard nothing. :(. yeah i am a big big fan of twilight saga. :) . i love to see edward's smile, so glamorizing.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

freaking crazy.

" i know you are busy. busy all the day. all the week. but please, at least you can ask like " how you're doing?" "are your tests fine? ". i know those questions are simple, but im a girl okay.just by those questions, everything will be fine in a girl's heart. "

Hello! people, just finished taking national examinations and this morning i took RSBI test, it's a test to enter a plus class at Sutomo 1. freaking crazy of those exams. but it ended anyway. left a week then im going to face another tests. UAS i mean. being a junior high school 3 student is definitely a CURSE. especially in these months.

yesterday was a holiday. and i watched Clash of The Titans at Sun. im hanging out with my fellas. i expected that it wouldnt be nice but it ended okay. :). everything is going fine smoothly. :) anyway, i discovered a fact, an answer for thousands of my questions. the reason why i stupidly erased the old bloggie. :(.

i miss my old bloggie. when i frankly wrote what was happening in my mind, wrote those bad and good memories. the time when i still believed, with my own principle that you are my bestfriends. thought that i have found the real, believable and the one that i can rely on. but again, im wrong. we were used to, but not until a year, every moments, memories became bad like a nightmare for me. those rude words that you said to me, i cried every night. i have no idea why you spilled them out in once, in a good timing. you are succeeded in making them to hate me, to listen to your words. and ironically, they listened to you. you are attacking me in once.
you have arranged it so perfectly without a dot, and made me like i am the one who has the sin. at that time, nobody cares except my truly best friend. and now, your friends know the truth and my innocents .you are just making your stupid drama. to make everyone falls for you. dragging my best people at there, i thought that you were and are jealous to what i have, aren't you?

then, must i say thank you to you? after those rude, harsh words that you have given to me? saying that you are the righteous person. you never think of yourself. you need to correct yourself. crazy brats. you are saying that im not creative and bla bla bla? but, didn't you do the copy things too? puke!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It is a choice

im still daddy's girl. :)

HAPPY APRIL MOP, people! : )