Monday, March 22, 2010

i love he loves.

everything is going fine. yeah i repeat, So fine and so good babies. :)). oh well, those bad brats will got the effect of the sin that they have made. well, at least people got their eyes opened and see who is the right and wrong. this is so great for me, a justice for me heh? but skip to that, yeah as you know, i have nothing with them and i just feel happy that someone believe me. :).
oh well, maybe i am talking some unrelated things so you can't understand my words. hahha

and oh well, im wishing him a super bonne chance because he will have a test just in few days. :).
dont ask me who he is , because im NOT gonna reveal it, just let him be a little secret of mine.
i don't say he is mine, but just don't be so curious about it okay. ;0.

im happy of what i have got and i am thankful for it. i dont know what im going to face tomorrow but i will keep this smile up, and believing in myself. well actually i want to say thanks for you brats, because of you i know how to control my emotion and increasing my maturity. i know i aint perfect but it's so unfair if you judge me like that. but now, it's fine say whatever you think it's good, do whatever. because the F-thing between us has ended. We were once used too, and it ends. the end just by that. you know it ended in unfair thing, but im sure people can see through who is the right person? the reason why i keep silence because i am freaking bored to talk to those brats who dont even know the word " believe and respect". i know i did wrong sometime so i am gonna say sorry and im in the step of going good.

i just need your supports and well i love you, my people! . :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

G for Gracias!

thank you everybody. that's the only thing i will just said right now. i am thankful to everything i have and i appreciate it a lot. let the past be the past and i am welcoming the present and hoping the best for the future.

for those brats, do whatever you think good. say whatever you want. i don't really care. i do believe everyone can see who is the right and who is the wrong. dont act like you are the one who right, and defeat someone by say those disgusting words. say something based on etiquette please! :)

"the smile will just lead me to another good day. "

Sunday, March 14, 2010

life's a climb.

life's a climb. yes quoted from Hannah montana. it's so true guys. oh well, this life is all about up and down right? somehow we are on the top, we will be happy as we have won some lotteries, to know that we have done something good, receive many praises from the others. be a good girl for mom and daddo. and how about life circles, like we're in the bottom? contrast. it's so ironic if you just lost one step to reach what you have been dreaming. that you have seen it and it's just really one step to reach it, to get it. that it is like dreams come true. it's your passion. but yeah. i made a big, fatal mistake for the last step. there in no doubt that i have been feeling so down and disappointed. have been putting all my efforts and passion on that thing. it is hurt. a lot. it feels like im falling from the 100th floor and screaming out aloud. it's so hard to cope up. it's so hard even just for stand up. everytime i heard some news about that, this heart seems want to break. or even explode. feels like commiting to suicide.

but really, thank you for the supports. it really works.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

im lovin it!

hola bloggie! today is sunday man!.oh well, im not going anywhere, since i need a rest and i need time to get up. :) so, Alice in Wonderland has premiered in theaters at Medan. I saw it yesterday night, which means saturday night. We watched it in 3d with no subtitles. But, it is still a good movie. Alice is beautiful. and i love her dresses. Her dresses are like princess's. i wish i can wear something like that, but i guess im too short. with the height 150 something. 0.0.

im feeling so down in these days. and i guess i meet difficulties to get up. to confront the fact. It is just hurting me, and it's like i want to hide from everyone, everything. But as always, as i start to hide it, there must be someone, or something that is related to it. we haven't known what the end will be, so please shut up your mouth. im sick of it!. and please just because you have those fool buddies doesn't mean that you are everything. i know what has happenned between us and you are acting too over, too excessively. try to remember that you only won for the first round.

im sorry bloggie, but it's just like i can't control my emotion and i need a space to spill it out.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Je t'aime.

p.s. i smile each time you text me, and i feel happy when you say something to me. you are always be there to cheer me, and you always know what i feel. and now, im so down, and you aren't here. what im going to do then?

Monday, March 1, 2010

another level

hello, my dear bloggie. sorry for not updating post. i have been so busy lately. i dont know what i am busying about, but it seems that i really have no time for sitting in pc and typing to tell you.

oh well, yesterday is the last day of chinese new year. so as usual, i and my family were celebrating it. :). so im gonna tell you about what i have done yesterday. and this may be the last post of CNY in this year. :(.

we were going to some places at Belawan for our dinner. It's a great restaurant then. It is located near the sea so we can see the scenery. i saw the scenery and it's beautiful with the little lights. and it seemed that i have got a new power, another cheers. as you know, i was so down these weeks and i needed vacation. I enjoy some delicious seafood at there, and it was so great!. :D. family outing always ends with great joy and i love the way it progresses. :). i have taken some photos at there and photos are coming soon! :)

my family is the most prominent part in my life. Whenever i am down, they are always at there to cheer me up. i have the best dad, mom, sisters, grandma, and grandpa. i love them a lot. they are just part of me that can not be separated. They play a great role in me. :). without them, i guess i am nothing, and i have nothing to be depend on.

i am entering senior high school just in few months and i have a lot of things that need to be prepared, so CIAO! . :DD