Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Up and Down

well, bad news. i didn't pass the scholarship.

you know what reason that they gave me ? they said that my academic score is good, but my personality didn't fit them.

i don't think that it was a good and logical reason.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

All the best!

Hello people!. :) . just taken the test to enter SCGS. spent my sunday day at Grand Angkasa. who oh. im too tired and well, whatever may happen, let it happens. i have done my best anyway! we will be doing the interview session on tuesday and on that day we will know whether we pass the scholarship or not. Wish me a big luck, people!. one day before taking the exam, my friends i mean my besties give me a big supports, and i love it. thank you my besties, you guys are just so good. :) . i am thankful to have such a great friend. im happy to know that i'm a part of them and so are they. they are part of me who completes my life besides my fam and him. :)

im lucky as they wish me a gigantic box full of luckiness. :)

anyway, everything is just going back normal. things really get into what they should get in. but oh well i don't care. i tried my best to get up of from that mess. At that time, i really felt so down and disappointed. I have no idea how things turn up like his. :(. i passed months by months by difficulties. It is not easy. i repeat. It is so difficult. my heart just seemed can't absorb these into once, and i was just too emotional at that time. It's so hard to know that you have lost someone that you have trusted them along right? i think i am quite tough as i can back to normal two months. :). well, holidays really help me to cope up with this. :). so, if they get back to normal it's good and if not, it's okay. i don't care anything at all. :). i still have them who love me more than you! . :DD

At the end, vienna didn't say good luck and bla bla bla, paris said it, bloggie. i don't know if i should be happy or not. I doubt that vienna now im taking this exam. maybe in the future, vienna and me might not study in the same country. sooner or later, we will be separated. i'm confused about my feelings. i think i don't understand my feelings well, or it is just like i don't want to admit something?

i dont know. this world is just full of mystery. :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chicken soup

They said that i can take the test. the entrance test to Singapore Chinese Girl's School, Singapore.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lens or spectacles?

Happy chinese new year!! too late huh?

oohh, im really sorry since the first day of CNY, i have been so busy. I guess i am busier than a bee. LOL. well, the CNY is on sunday, and There are so many invitation of my dad and mom's friends.They were holding an open house. Furthermore, daddo has to work on monday so we had to visit all of our relatives just in one short day. can you imagine how tired i was at that day? i was so extremely exhausted. we visited about ten houses in one day. and i guess i can't walk anymore and i think my lips was broken. i smiled along the day. hahaha. ;) . I think i really have a big family, indeed. and i love the moment of chinese new year, the feeling of being togetherness, we share the happiness together, chatting about everything in our mind. aahh that feeling is so good that i want it everyday. feels like i don't want to miss it even a second. :) . Although that our relatives are all asking about my sis, since she is the oldest and it seems that all of them are so curious about her university. well, i dont mind that. :). oh yes, in the first day which we should wear something red, i wore black and gray. granny asked why and i just answered: " black and grey are trending now, grand". and we both laughed. :)

Like last year, i had my dinner with my family which was to celebrate the new year. new begin huh. we took some photos and it seems that we have grown a lot. as you know, i am sixteen in my chinese age. i am so old. :(. my sis has got twenty. oh my. im shocked! i'm just getting older and i hope i can be more mature from last year. although i get some problems but i think i can learn something. problem will just make you more mature, wont it? :)

anyway i hope this year will be a good year. eh according to our chinese calender, this year is a tiger year! so man huh. hahaha. little secret for you i will make a surprise at this year.
a little breakthrough! ;)

vieena asked me to go out, not a date. but im quite impressed. :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chinese New year's eve.

wohooo! Today is CNY's eve and it left one more days to get red pocket and chocolate. :b. i'm feeling so excited as lot of relatives are coming to home to have a great dinner. Grandma has been cooking since morning and well, i love her cook! it seems that we have got everything we need and now it left my sis' shoes. Hopefully we will search for it tonight. There is no time baby. Should be rush then. now as today is the last day, maybe i will write some resolution:

God, please give health and prosperity to my beloved ones.
my daddy, momma, my sisters, grandpa and grandma.
please let sis pass her entrance test successfully.
please let sis and me can have a place in our dream school.
please always give a bless to my family.
Thank you for everything that you had given for us in this year.
thank you and we love you. :)

if i can return to the past, where we are sitting together and talking about our crush cheerfully, i will say no baby. It's not like because i dont miss that moment but i dont like being hurt for the second time. Once is enough. Dont try to hurt me again or i will make a great revenge to it. for what you have done. you know i have such a great pride. :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

No more exams.

scream it out aloud: Y E A Y! yes, the exams are end today. Just now i had my biology exam. it's hard and well i have studied it in a night. Exhausted huh. The materials start from our very first book and until the third book- which we are using now. There are 13 units that we've got to study. But now everything is paid off! we have passed it! no worries! Now, we have to face the Chinese new year. tomorrow is sa cap me which we will eat a lot and oh well, maybe i'm going fatter this new year. hahahahhaa. but well let's face this with a big very big smile!.

you know, bloggie. Everything changed just in one year. i have never expected that it will end up like this. But well it's fine, because i know who you are for the real one. and i know who is the best for me. so, bye bye you little brats!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

a new page is started. :)

shocked huh? lol. yes. i decide to create a blog again. hahaha. it's just that my friends keep encourage me to do it. and well i wanna express my thoughts through this blog. the way that i can type everything i want. Them? well, it is unknown maybe god is deciding and i pass it as easy as i can. maybe i wont tell you a lot as i am facing the monthly test. wish me luck!