Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hello from the other side

Oh wow! Haven't been updating since September 2015.

Hello from 2016!

Well, last semester has been really hectic. It was my second last semester here, and i had so many projects to work on. Schedule was really good ( I had two day-offs, and i had never had any day off since my first year) but then i have a lot of group projects that took more time, and more effort obviously. Not to mention that i was applying for graduate jobs.

But it's fine now as it has passed and actually it has been a very rewarding semester lol. My GPA for last semester was quite high (at least for me) and I was really satisfied with it. So i was back to my hometown for 1.5 months, which i guess is the longest time ever as i would usually spend 2-3 weeks back home.

Anyway, it wasn't as boring as i thought it would be. I had a great catch-ups with a bunch of old friends, and best friends and I signed up to the fitness club in town (and it's free!). I think the best part is i had the opportunity to spend more time with my beloved ones, especially my family. It was actually quite heartbreaking to notice some health/mental/body changes in my grandparents. I mean, they are really fine physically but they are getting older.

When i was little, my parents were working from early morning till late night that i rarely saw them. It was my grandparents who took care me and my elder sister (not mentioning my younger sister since at that time, my mom didn't work that late anymore). Hence, I am really close to them, especially my grandma who always cooks for me as i had developed my eating habit since I was young HAHA.

It was quite sad, but i guess it's life. I just regret that during my 17 years with them, i wish i could behave better and more respect to them. I was not saying this as if I was the baddest kid in the block, but there were sometimes that during my puberty i got too emotional that sometimes i talked back to them.

Of course, there were times that I was wrong or when I was right. But nevertheless, now when i think about that, it was really rude for me to behave like that just because I was mad over something stupid.

I truly regret it but lesson learnt. Now whenever i came back, I tried my best to be the world-best grand daughter for them HAHA.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Moving on.

Some tips to move on from your crush/whoever :
  1. Get distracted
    This doesn't mean that you have to fall to another random guy. You could just be focus on other things else. Focus on your studies, planning your goals, or simply just organise your stuff or your wardrobes. There's a lot of thing to do in this life!
  2. Get a 'new' you.
    Look at yourself in the mirror. See if there's anything that you could do to improve yourself, either physically or mentally. Check if your outfit is too old to fit the style or your old boring hairstyle is still there. It's time to get a change. Be prettier and be more confident! It's not that you are not appreciating yourself, but you need to put effort to be pretty right? Even diamonds have to be burnished first! 
  3. Enjoy life
    There's so much happy things that life could offer, and sometimes we just don't see it. Trying new things, enjoying good food, hanging out with friends, gathering with families and the list goes on! Life is not only about that person, start focusing more on yourself and love yourself. When you believe good things to happen, they would actually happen for you. Build your positive aura to surround you and just wait, something good would just come for you. ^^
Bytheway, Note to self. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

back on track.

Writing this post back at my dorm room at HK!

I arrived HK like 3 days ago and yeah, i think i could handle it better than previous years. Haha. Still, i cried a lot at the airport, but this time i managed it better. No more cries once i passed the immigration checkpoint.

Been attending training for the past few days and tomorrow i would be leading some freshie for the orientation camp! It is nice to come back but there's a lot of things to do! I just finished unpacking my stuff and it took me two days. In addition, I have been going to bank, registration offices, or even simcard shops in order to activate all my accounts here.

It's going to be my final year and yes, I'll keep striving! Cheers for the final year!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

feeling loved.

Today marks my last day of the internship. I don't know what to feel. I feel relieved cause I completed my internship commitment quite satisfactorily and I feel sad cause this means that... I am going back soon..

During these past 6 months, it has been wonderful. I met nice and kind people at here. I celebrated my birthday together after 5 years, and it was a good one. I was able to go back home quite often and I wasn't sad to come back cause I know I have a sister here. As an exchange student, I did not focus at all with my studies and all I knew was having fun. I was hanging out with friends, exploring Singapore, and catching up with old friends. After completed my exchange program, I started my internship and I was still having fun. I worked during weekdays and on weekends, I chilled out with my friends and family.

All the good times passed so fast that probably by next week, I am going back to hometown and after a week, I would be back at HK.

There was time during my stay that I want to go back since I miss the people and food there. But now when I was about to leave the merlion city in a week, I don't know if I still feel the same.....
Anyway, today is the last day and I have been receiving so much loves from the people here. Another colleague even gave me a nice accessory and I even didn't prepare anything for them T.T

Oh and some close friends also started to give me farewell gifts T.T

I'm so touched I'mma cryyyyyy.

For those who have made my stay here so wonderful, thank you :) a deep thank you from the bottom of my heart :)

Friday, July 10, 2015


Just logged in to my linkedin account and well, looking at some of my peers profile. Some of them really have cool profiles, I mean, it is clearly written there that they got high GPA, scholarship/outstanding awards, wonderful work experience in some awesome companies. Out of sudden, I feel so small. so tiny when I saw my profile with them.
I kinda feel like I really haven't done much during the last three years to improve my grade or to motivate myself to be a more competent person. I still remember that during Semester 3, I found out that I am the only international student and I felt so lonely that I no longer concentrate on my studies. I know I am such a chicken but during my first year I was with my friends (unfortunately, they are all international students) at all time. I felt so shocked to be an alien in a class full of 150 students. I began to hate how they speak Cantonese at all time and I got not friends, honestly. My grades turned out to be so bad and It felt so uncontrolled.
Looking back, that was such a freaking silly act of me. It was simple actually, it was just that I haven't adapted and I shouldn't neglect my studies. Now if you might wonder, I have a group of local friends to hang out back in class. But, it was so hard to recover all my grades that I really need to work harder and harder. I totally regret it. How I could abandon my studies and get so deep with my own "depression". It was actually nothing, I feel like I am exaggerating my emotion too much last time .-.-

It was totally silly and I learnt a lot from that. After Semester 3, I work hard to recover my grades and well, thankfully, it is stable now. but I don't think it's enough yet, .... comparing to my other friends. I regret so much that I only have one year to improve but well, what can I do?

Now I should really concentrate on my last year, and land a job successfully next year! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Chilling means...... you just have to come to work doing nothing and still get paid! and uh oh uhm, just in my dreams.

Well, the fact that I could still write a post while working means that I am not busy but I still have something to do in work okay. It's just sometimes I feel tired of reading too much articles that it somehow urges me to update more frequent on my blog.

It's Thursday and it's one day closer to weekend!!! Now that I am working, although I am still an intern, I value and realise the true meaning of weekends! haha. Weekends mean I could getting up late like really late ( I can't get up this late (read: 2pm/3pm) when I am back home haha) and I could spend a day doing nothing but browsing at my laptop and movie marathon or in my case: k-dramas marathon!

I guess my elder sis could not stand me slacking around and well, I also decided to do something more useful. I actually hate working out but due to all those unutilized fats, I need to do something to myself before reaching my expiration date and still alone haha. I tried working out with the help from my e-personal trainer from youtube and it's so tiring! I tried Joanna Soh as her work out exercises are easy to follow. But it doesn't last long anyway, the next morning I can't really move my thigh, legs, arms as I have been absent for a long period. (all I did when I was back in school was cardio)

So she suggested me to do skipping and I agreed on it as I saw there's a Disney skipping rope in Robinsons. hehehe

It looks exactly like that and that has been my routine now every night starting yesterday. skipping all the way!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Growing Up.

10 days ago I turned twenty. It was a nice, intimate birthday when I celebrated with my elder sister and my closer friends here. It was quite different as it has been five years since the last birthday that I celebrated with my elder sister (she went abroad to study and two years later, I followed her path but we are in different countries). So everything seemed so nice as I could finally celebrate my birthday with family member after two years, although my parents and the other members are in hometown.
Nevertheless, I am forever grateful about what god has planned and given on me, and I would strive to be a better person. :) As I was stepping on the #twenties club, it freaks me a little. It's not about the age or maturity but it's more like I have to be responsible on my own. Well, it's not like I have been relying on others these time but financially, I have been getting numerous support from my family. and with just one more year left till my bachelor degree, I feel like "oh shoot, this life thing is getting real". The thought of having to find a job when I don't really know what I might do later ( well, I kind of have that vision on what job that I would do but would I really like it? can I come to office without having any burden? will I do well in my workplace? would my colleague like me? would they backstab me? would my performance be disappointing ?). So I have been thinking about that sometimes these days (probably because I am interning right now) and it truly scares me. The world outside truly scares me that now I wish I was younger! (okay its getting absurd).
When I thought about my future workplace, all I see is countless sleeps, working my ass off in the office, OT everyday, no more lazy weekends, smaller social circle and no more freedom (14 days off in one year? no more summer holiday/ winter break oemji ). The thoughts that I am going to OT everyday and I would be too tired to hang out during weekends, and that I would stuck in my work life without any friends/partner/families to rely on just haunt me. Many said that we could balance our work life and social life but how about when we were really busy with our job that we even don't have time to hang out? using those weekends staying at the office? or even worst, would I hate my job and work that hard just because I need to survive? or when I finally have my career I lost my social life and without knowing, everyone has build his own families? argh! I need to scroll my Instagram and read those motivational quotes.
I know there are a lot of wonderful things that I could do after graduating but I don't know, it seems I am not mentally ready for the outside world.  I know I would always be not ready, the same thing when I studied abroad and  it would come along with the process.
I just hope that during the process, I am more ready than when I was 17, and that I would not make any fatal decision and be a more competent and mature person. Bless me, Buddha!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

free fall.

I don't know if this is because of the internship things or whatever. Sometimes, I just feel sad for no reason. and oh well, lately I have become a loner. I work during weekdays and on weekends, I just feel tired, not really wanting to meet people unless it's really urgent and yup, spend most of the weekends at home.

Actually not most weekends, it's more like I still go hang out but it's just I don't go all day. I don't know why I am so moody these days.

and to get my mood back, I decided to go to Universal Studio to hop on those thrilling rides, experiencing those euphoria to replace my illogical moody feelings.

Friday, June 5, 2015


Life doesn't always give what you want, but if you have faith and work hard, sometimes it would give you enough.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

oh haiiii

the urge to blog is quite strong these few days. Probably because I am rereading my old posts these days. and realizing how old I am now. T.T

3 weeks more and it would be the end of my so called teenage years. I would be coming to the twenties club soon and oh lord, I am old now. alright, that's too much, but I am one step closer to be an old hag. okay, that's way too much.

anyway, it just felt so weird that last time when I went back to hometown, a lot of random people are addressing me with "miss" instead of "kid". and the feelings just get so much real when I am in Indo. There is so much difference being called "dek" rather than "mbak / kak". I kind of got so shocked being addressed like that (alright I know I am waaaaay too much) that I even told my mom that those waiters were being impolite. and of course; to my so not-surprise, my mom wittily replied me, "Then what should they call you? a princess?". That moment, I know I'm slowly aging (hehehe hormones people its hormones)

I want to be forever 15. or 17. but wait, I need to be 21 to be legal right? I guess that's why they came up with the brand forever21 but not forever18/forever20

uhm, this post is totally random. hehe. 45 minutes to the end of office hours. I think I am too happy to write a decent post. haha.